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Rowan Adams And Ronan Kennedy Fucking Bareback

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Ronan Kennedy, Rowan Adams

Rowan Adams and Ronan Kennedy were out late last night having some drinks and living it up, but it’s back to work this morning and Rowan is ready to get their scene started!  Rowan rips off his clothes and straddles Ronan’s face, dangling that big dick in Ronan’s face and watching as he sucks that sweet cock and strokes it with his hand.  Ronan teases Rowan’s ass with his hard prick, pushing it against Rowan’s ass and then flipping him onto his back and getting some oral in before Ronan slowly lowers his tight ass onto Rowan’s thick cock. 

As Ronan’s ass stretches around Rowan’s bareback shaft, Ronan grinds his hips against it and rides it hard, both guys moaning as they fuck raw.  Ronan gets on his back and takes Rowan’s cock from that angle, getting pounded hard, Rowan’s balls slapping against Ronan’s sore ass as Rowan dominates Ronan.  Ronan grabs his huge prick and jerks it while Rowan fucks him until Ronan’s cumming all over himself, and then he gets a face full of jizz when Rowan climbs on top of him and busts a nut!

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