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Jared Marzdon Fucks Ronan Kennedy Raw

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Ronan Kennedy, Jared Marzdon

The experienced Ronan Kennedy is here to help one of our newbies, Jared Marzdon, get more comfortable on set…but once we unleash these guys it doesn’t seem that Jared needs too much help!  He goes down on Ronan first, doing his best to tackle Ronan’s infamously huge cock as he sucks and licks that sweet dick until Ronan is hard as fuck.  It’s Ronan’s turn to give Jared oral next and he deepthroats that prick, teasing all of Jared’s sensitive areas with his mouth as he strokes that cock with his lips. 

After the cock-sucking Jared bends Ronan over and slowly enters his ass, pushing his bareback cock in balls deep and fucking him hard, making Ronan’s ass bounce as Jared thrusts into him.  Jared grinds his hips against Ronan’s ass, pounding him with his rock hard cock as Ronan moans and does his best to relax and take that fat prick.  Jared turns Ronan over onto his back and spreads his legs apart, burying his dick in Ronan’s ass and fucking him raw until both guys cum and Ronan gets a little messy as he takes all that jizz!

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