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Ronan Kennedy & Zach Covington Skip Small Talk & Suck Dick

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Ronan Kennedy, Zach Covington

Zach Covington seems surprised that not all scenes need to start off with friendly chit chat and that sometimes, it’s better just to dive right in and get on that cock, which is exactly what he does!  Ronan Kennedy lies back and lets Zach do his thing, deepthroating Ronan’s huge shaft and sucking that dick until Ronan leans in for a taste of Zach’s cock. 

Ronan works that dick with his mouth and then gets another round of amazing oral from Zach before Zach lies on his stomach and Ronan gives that ass some attention.  Ronan licks Zach’s tight hole and fingers it before pulling Zach’s ass in the air and burying his bareback cock inside, fucking Zach hard and deep as Zach takes that huge dick like a pro.  Zach climbs on top of Ronan and rides that bareback cock while he pulls on his own hard dick, jerking himself until he cums on Ronan’s chest.  Ronan pulls out and busts a nut just above Zach’s ass, rubbing his dick in his cum and pushing it back inside Zach’s hole for a few more seconds of pleasure!

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