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Ayden Troy Fucks Brayden Brax's In The Ass

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Ayden Troy, Brayden Brax

The last time Brayden Brax was in the BSB studio, he was purring while his finger was playing with his hole. The Big Sky Country boy has returned to see how well he can handle something slighter larger. "I guess I'm going to get fucked," Brayden says when Clay wonders about this scene's plot. Doing the fucking will be crowd favorite Ayden Troy, who needs BSB cash for his love of "drugs and hookers." LOL! Who doesn't love a model with a biting sense of humor? The two disrobe and begin jerking off. Brayden lost the coin flip in sucking dick first, but looks like he doesn't mind. From the start, Brayden deep throats. His lips reach the base of Ayden's tool, with not a hint of gagging. "He's pretty good," Ayden replies when Clay wonders about Brayden's blow job skills. He has no tips to offer the newbie. Soon it's Ayden turn to show off his skills. He first licks Brayden's bulbous head. Then swallows as much as he can. Considering Brayden's size that's a feat of magic. Brayden seems transfixed that somebody can actually swallow his sword. LOL! Soon it's time to "go for a ride," as Clay calls it. Ayden dons a condom, Brayden straddles him, and sits down. That juicy ass swallows everything Ayden has. The contented bottom bounces up and down on that sausage. Ayden doesn't have to do a lick of work. LOL! Brayden gets on his stomach, and Ayden mounts him. Ayden fucks balls deep and Brayden moans with pleasure. He holds on to the bed as his perky ass gets what it needs. What it craves. Brayden gets on his back, and Ayden returns. The newly discovered bottom begins to stroke his dick. With no warning, Brayden shoots man milk all over his side. Ayden pulls out and beats his pole. His load covers Brayden's pubes. "It was different. Very different," Brayden says when asked how it felt to be busted. "He has a tight ass," Ayden offers. You mean "had", don't you Ayden? :-)

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