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Ayden Troy Shows Adam Baer How To Fuck A Guys Ass Properly

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Ayden Troy, Adam Baer

Happy February everyone. Hope Black History Month treats you all well. For those who want to celebrate, go out and read Charles Johnson's "Oxherding Tale." You shall not be disappointed. With that esoteric introduction out of the way (grin), let's get down to business. Lovers of tootsies will get immediately hard at the start of today's update. The erections Ayden Troy and Adam Baer fans were immediate when they clicked on the video. LOL! The two models are relaxing on a single bed. Ayden and Adam shared a room and we discover, from Ayden, that Adam snores in his sleep. The cameraman wonders what things the two like, and dislike, in filming gay sex. There is a pause. "That's a hard question, actually," Ayden observes. Ayden is not a fan of fucking, but does enjoy the start of scenes when clothes are on. "That's probably the best part," he laughs. As for Adam, he can do without the kissing. However, he does like him some head. Such a straight lad! There are limits though. Feet licking is out. Despite this the cameraman attempts some initial negotiation. "You don't have enough money," Adam says. Ayden, who is down to boxers, might have a number. He and the cameraman haggle, but never come to a number that makes all parties happy. The cameraman insists there will be more discussions when the videotape has stopped. LOL! Adam removes his boxers, and we get a closeup of his fine plump rump. Ayden grabs a cheek, and that blonde hole seems to wink. :-) The boys finally start out in 69, with Adam on the bottom. At first all we can hear is sucking and slurping. Their individual tools get stiff in no time. Ayden keeps his mouth all juicy and Adam sucks slowly but surely. The two switch positions, with Ayden leaning against the pillow. He puts his hand on the back of Adam's head, pushing the boy as far as he can go. "He's pretty good at sucking dick," Ayden says. "How does it taste," the cameraman asks Adam. "Tastes all right," Adam replies. "Tastes like money." Adam's tool is hard from sucking all that cash! LOL! "Suck that dick," Ayden whispers. It's time to fuck, so Adam gets on his hands and knees. After putting on a condom, and lubing up, Ayden sticks his dick home. "Fuck," Adam moans. Ayden must be doing something right to the blond bottom because he grunts and groans. As for his pole? Hard enough to beat a drum! Adam gets on his back, but takes his time. He acts like he's hurting or something. Come on, Adam! We know your legs are weak from having that joy button pushed! :-)He grits his teeth when Ayden recommences with the ass drilling, but Adam's dick is still rock hard. There might be some sweet pain, but not enough for him to ask Ayden to slow down. :-) Ayden reaches down and jerks Adam off. The fucking and stroking speeds pick up. With no warning, Adam nuts. The man milk lands on his thigh, stomach, and the bed covers. Ayden pulls out and jerks his nectar on Adam's spent cock. After they come to their senses, the boys give the thumbs up. But hold on. There's one more treat: a peek of Adam's fucked hole! Who else should make Adam whimper like a pass around bottom? :-)

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