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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 145 (66 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.42/5

In his own words:

"Got caught drinking on the job. Got fired and now I need money. "

Our comments:

"Max is a cute, curly haired, young boy with nice eyes and a great smile. "

Producer comments:

"Why do I keep teasing myself with these young boys?! OOOF!"

  • Johnny Forza & Max Flint 01-07-2013

    Johnny Forza and Max Flint take care of each other in this all oral video. The two start out with kissing and licking before Max opens his mouth to take care of Johnny's needs. Johnny returns the favor and the scene ends with cum landing everywhere!

  • Paul Canon & Max Flint 11-10-2012

    Paul and Max are paired together again. Except this time, Paul gets to fill Max's sweet ass up. It's a tight fit at first, with Max gritting his teeth. However, Paul's thick tool will not be deprived its prize. When it's over, both boys lose pints of cum!

  • Max Flint & Paul Canon 10-25-2012

    Paul Canon returns to BSB, and this time he's paired with the delicious Max Flint. Newbie Paul breaks a few boundaries, including sucking dick and having his man hole eaten. Max is a great teacher and hopefully Paul will return to learn more lessons!

  • Ayden Troy & Max Flint 10-13-2012

    Ayden Troy and Max Flint are a sexy curly-topped pair! Today they team up, and Ayden gives his scene partner the type of filling that makes bottoms dream. Watch as Max's "special spot" is repeatedly jammed by Ayden's thick tool. You won't be disappointed!

  • Max Flint & Blake Bennet 09-22-2012

    The last time Max and Blake were together, Blake was the teacher. Max has learned more skills since then, and in this blistering video he takes care of Blake's tan booty. Watch as Blake responds to Max filling him up to the brim. A must see scene!

  • Max Flint & Carter Blane 09-01-2012

    Carter Blane and Max Flint will break some boundaries in this vid. There will be kissing and each lad will lose his ass cherry. While there is the occasional cry of pain, both performers enjoy their joy buttons being pushed!

  • Max Flint & Colin 08-11-2012

    Colin and Max start this weekend's vid in mid stroke, with Max going balls deep into Colin's smooth ass. There is so much more after that, including two cum shots from one model. Guess who?

  • Blake, Brandon, Sam, & Max 07-28-2012

    Who isn't in the mood for a four way with Blake, Brandon, Max and Sam? Brandon offers his holes for use, and the boys give him the workout he needs!

  • Max Flint & Sam 07-16-2012

    Today Max and Sam get together for some oral loving. Both are willing to push the boundaries, and BSB ends up with a video where sparks fly!

  • Blake Bennet & Max Flint 06-14-2012

    Max returns to the BSB studio to try out the mechanics of male sex. Blake Bennet will be sharing a few timely lessons on how to make a man happy. Blake is a great teacher and Max takes to his lesson like an A+ student!

  • Max Flint 06-04-2012

    This week's curly topped model Max Flint has it all. A great smile, slender body, and generous sized dick. What's not to love?

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