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Teen Guy Max Flint Fucks Colin's Tight Little Pink Hole

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Colin, Max Flint

In this weekend's vid, we don't bother with any pre-rutting chitchat. We start right in with the fucking. A delighted bottom is crying out, and a top is pile driving into a sweet, sweet hole. The camera pulls back and Max is the top, and the ever randy Colin has his feet behind his head. Max looks uber sexy with his eyes closed, all into Colin's booty. "You like that tight hole, bro," Colin murmurs. Max can barely utter his response, but he's a happy camper. "Fuck that hole, bro," Colin demands. Max must be doing something correct because Colin's toes curl up. Our curly topped top is like a runaway train. He ain't making any stops until the trip is over. "You like that tight ass, bro," Colin wonders again. "It feels so good," Max notes. "Fucking balls deep," Colin says. Colin rolls on his stomach, and Max continues the deep booty exploration. Max tires of his scene partner's yelps and he covers the dude's mouth. "You like that? "Yeah, I like it rough." Colin replies. Colin soon has one finger in his mouth, looking like a caught fish flopping around on a boat. A fish whose ass is being rearranged. "I fucking love your dick in my ass," Colin exclaims. His hand bangs the headboard and he demandsMax pull his hair. "You love that tight little ass," Colin wonders. Max pulls out, takes off the condom and sticks his dick in Colin's mouth. The boys 69, with Max working his nose to Colin's pubes. Colin stops sucking and makes a meal out of Max's pale ass. Colin tongues that smooth muntwhile Max swallows Colin's cock. Max so loves the rimming that he sits right on Colin's face. Both boys stroke themselves as Colin keeps his face pressed into Max's hole. Colin explodes first, his load slathering his tanned belly. Look at Max's face. As he ever looked sexier and more horny? Soon enough he unloads all over Colin's chest. And what does Colin do? Bust a second nut! When was the last time a BSB model came twice in the same scene? Max rubs all their cum, like its lotion, into Colin's chest. Both models might be depleted of male nectar, but the scene is not over. The cherry on top is some romantic kissing. The spit sharing is so intense both lads stay rock hard. The cameraman breaks up the love fest with a question. "How was that for you," he asks Colin. "I think the proof is in the cum shots," Colin responds. We find out there was a reason Max was so into having his ass munched on. "My girl likes to do that a little bit," he says with a grin. "A little freaky deaky? Well, it's a nice ass to eat," Colin remarks. The boys put their undies back on as they debrief the scene. "Cannonball that one," Colin exclaims. A t-shirt saying if there ever was one. Both describe their 69'ing as "epic." Colin grooved to his ass being in the air. "Getting fucked on my stomach was pretty legit," he adds with a sly smile. Hold on. It gets better. Colin also got off the on the fishhook, pulling of the hair, and spanking! "I'm a freak like that," he announces. Which exacting top should make Mr. Colin do all those freaky deaky activities? :-)

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