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Teen Paul Canon's Very First Experience With Fucking A Guy

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Max Flint, Paul Canon

When asked by the cameraman, Paul Canon has no memory of his first scene with Max Flint. "Yep. Forget it right after it was finished," Paul replies with a smile. We'll forgive this bout of amnesia because there is videotape proof. Plus, he's back on the couch with Max again. This time Paul will get a chance to feel what Max's ass feels like. Want to bet he won't forget that? :-) For some reason Paul has Santa underwear on. However, it would be gauche to moan about that (grin). The models get naked and Paul sucks first. "It smells like mint down here," Paulnotes. Max chuckles, without giving a reason for his minty odor. He reaches over and strokes Paul's sausage, which is rather stiff so early in the scene. Paul sucks with precision, but he suddenly stops to give Max a chance to do the same. Max is also a deliberate cock sucker, but he makes sure to use his tongue like he's licking ice cream. Paul moans softly as Max's mouth overflows with spit. The main course has arrived, but Max doesn't look like he's ready. He gets on his hands and knees and lubes up his hole. Paul tries to enter, but Max recoils. The tool is too big for the tight hole. "Let me know when you're ready," Paul says. Max takes a few deep breathes and Paul tries again. He's fucking slow, but Max keeps whining, gritting his teeth. Paul has no sympathy for these cries and smirks at one point. "Oh, fuck. Shit," Max sighs. Our bottom hasn't been plugged like this before. Paul's thickness is tearing him apart like a ripened peach. Despite Max sobs of pain, look at his dick when the two change positions. Paul sits down and Max hovers his hole over the hose. Max's man root is semi-hard. "I love sitting on that cock," Max whimpers. This position gives Max more control and he slowly glides up and down. He goes all the way down, his pale ass cheeks separated by rock like meat. The boys go for another position, with Max getting on his back. He grits his teeth as Paul's prick goes in for another round. "Right there," Max pleads. Paul is deep drilling, making sure Max never walks right again (grin). He pushes one of Max's legs to his chest and makes that hole his. "Oh, fuck yeah," Paul wails. His own jerking, and the intense fucking, are too much for Max. His cum lands on his chest, stomach, and the coach. But wait until you see Paul's load. The juice goes everywhere, soaking the couch and Max. Who else should take a Paul cum shower?

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