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Colin Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 6.0 (15cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"I wank off once or twice a day."

Our comments:

"Colin has a very toned upper body decorated with a 'Scottish Pride' tattoo running along his collar bones. "

Producer comments:

"Colin liked to alternate his wanking style from quick tugs on his dick to stroking his hand over the length of the shaft and back to quick tugs again. "

  • Teen Max Flint Fucks Colin's Tight Ass

    Colin and Max start this weekend's vid in mid stroke, with Max going balls deep into Colin's smooth ass. There is so much more after that, including two cum shots from one model. Guess who?

  • Carter Blane First Time Fucking Guys Ass

    Carter Blane's evolution continues today. Carter fucks his first guy ass in this super hot scene. See how he does and see how he feels afterwards.

  • Guess What?  You're Both Getting Fucked

    Colin and Kodi team up and BSB will never be the same! The two studs pound each other into submission. You'll be glad we filmed it.

  • Gay Sex Is Way Better Than Minimum Wage

    Denver and Colin are in the studio with a plan to get hot and heavy with one another. Watch as these cock sucking experts try to out do each other before one of these boys gets his ass thoroughly fucked!

  • Broke Straight Boys Q&a With Models

    Watch the newest interview of our Broke Straight Boys and the guys answer some of the BSB member questions.

  • Conner & Colin Fuck Like Bunnies

    Colin and Connor show off their oral skills on each other before Connor fucks Colin every which way, riding him hard and leaving him begging for more!

  • Colin & Anthony

    Colin and Anthony trade blowjobs then fuck... or do they fuck and then trade blowjobs? Find out for yourself in this extra hot update!

  • Bobby & Colin

    Colin and Bobby indulge in some oral foreplay before Bobby punishes Colin's ass in a long and hard fuck. Watch as both boys enjoy themselves in this extra hot update!

  • Colin: Fun With Toys

    Colin has kindly agreed to be filmed with a collection of his favorite toys. See what he does with a dog collar, leash, dildo and lube!

  • Colin & Seth

    Colin and Seth trade oral skills before Colin does something for the first time. Find out what Colin gave Seth as a parting gift!

  • Rocco & Colin

    Rocco and Colin indulge in some mutual blow jobs before Rocco has his way with Colin's straight boy ass. Colin has some surprising demands for Rocco as he is being fucked, watch and find out for yourself what they are!

  • 2 Best Friends Suck & Fuck Bareback

    Colin shows Drake how to perform the perfect blow job, then, Drake rides Colin's ass extra hard. Is Drake a convert to the cock? Find out for yourself by watching right to the very end!

  • Rebal Jimmy Rides Colin's Ass Hard

    Jimmy and Colin indulge in some hot oral action before Jimmy rides Colin's ass hard. Find out what joke Jimmy plays on Colin right at the very end!

  • Jamie Popping Colin's Ass Cherry

    The boys lock lips before induling in some extra hot cock sucking. However, Jamie popping Colin's cherry is the delicious main event! Watch how Colin takes cock for the first time!

  • 69 With A Guy & Get Fucked At Same Time

    Mark is the lucky boy in between Jimmy and Colin. First, Mark shows off some impressive oral skills before getting a dick at both ends. Watch and see how he does at taking two dicks at once!

  • Colin Tastes Cock For The First Time

    Colin learns how to perform a blowjob by practicing on Jimmy's big dick. How well does Colin do? Watch and find out for yourself what Colin thought of his first taste of cock!

  • Pushing My Straight Boundries

    Jack shows Colin how the perfect blowjob is performed while Jack finds that pushing his boundaries is sometimes a good thing!

  • My X Wife Cleared Out My Bank Account

    Colin perfoms a show that sets the room on fire. This is one boy who isn't afraid to try different things! Take a look for yourself!

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  • shootntoot on 02/23/2024

    I usually prefer bubble butts but there's something so sexy about Colin's bony flat ass. His hole is so accessible with the lack of surrounding flesh and he obviously loves it being attended to in someway. I also love the way his nose flattens when he's about to come or grunting with effort.

    • StreetRob on 06/05/2022

      I have just joined and only watched his first 4 videos. Colin is exactly the type guy that I joined BSB to see. Straight guys have no idea how boring sex with a girl is until they have had a guy drain their balls by sucking the cum out of them. They have no idea how incredible an orgasm is until they experience being pounded in the ass for 20 minutes by a hard man. Once they discover the best thing in your mouth for our oral fixation is a cock. When they start tasting pre-cum they start jerking themselves. When hot Semen shoots in their mouth and hits the back of the throat, they are forced to swallow. I haven't watched all his series yet but I hope he finally came out. I saw comments about please come back and where is he now. My first thought was did he make enough to get out of debt? Then I thought, I bet he met someone. If Colin is a porn star acting broke for this, he is the best. If he really was broke and thought all I have is this dick i can make money with this, then I hope Colin Got rich and met someone.

      • bsb4bkwjpz on 12/30/2016

        I don't have to watch these to know that Colin is definitely on my favorite list.

        • smiths13 on 07/27/2013

          Just got done with the Colin series. This guy has it & does it all-Come back please.

          • anonymous on 05/07/2013

            Where is Colin? Really missin him..

            • ilovebsb on 02/09/2013

              colin, colin, colin!

              • rldo2001 on 11/24/2012

                Colin is my favorite broke straight boy--aggressive, yet considerate. I'd like to see him top mo

                • cjpuk12 on 11/11/2012

                  we want to see more Colin

                  • another1234 on 04/19/2012

                    boy, i miss seeing colin! boy, i miss seeing colin! boy, i miss seeing colin! i miss colin! i do!

                    • toughguy on 01/20/2012

                      Colin, you are a real man. I love your look and your soo sweet I would love to meet you one da