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Straight Teen Boys Are Nasty With Chicks But Today It's Guys

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Sam Truitt, Max Flint

Whenever BSB goes "unconventional," our viewers get an extra treat. Today we have cutie pie Max and donkey dick Sam on the couch. Both decided to show how nasty they can be when the camera is off. "We're going to experiment today with some nasty kinky stuff," the cameraman notes to the smiling models. "Glad someone is exited," Sam smirks. The boys sit on the couch, pulling at their dicks. Sam, of course, is the first to get hard. No matter how many times you've seen it, the size of Sam's schlong shocks. It's thicker than Max's forearm. Anyone notice how Max seems transfixed by its size? Sam goes down first. Max doesn't seem to like this position, especially considering Sam isn't deep throating as much as he should. So Max pulls off his boxers and stands on the couch. Sam also removes his boxers, but hits his knees. When he opens his lips, Max face fucks him. Again, Max isn't satisfied. He puts his thumb in Sam's mouth and pulls it open. He feeds Sam dick, and Sam swallows everything. Sam is straight, but he moans like a dick lover who can't get enough in his gullet. "You like that cock in your mouth," Max wonders. Sam whimpers his reply. "Swallow that dick," our curly topped model commands. Sam's hard cock spills the beans about his desire to do what he's told. Soon enough, Max falls on his knees and offers his sweet mouth for the taking. He looks so hot, staring up at Sam as he licks away. It's difficult for anyone to deep throat Sam's snake; when Max tries he chokes. "God, that cock is so big," Max sputters. He is telling no lie. Look when he tongues Sam's bulging head. It's as big as Max's tongue. "You like my dick," Sam inquires. Max moans and looks upward. The look of love if there ever was one!!! Warning: get ready for this next position. Sam gets back on the coach, this time on his back. Max puts some lube in his hands, but uses it on himself. He fingers his hot hole as he sucks his partner. The closeups of Sam fingering himself will make some faint. "Gag me with the cock," Max says as he fights for breath again. "You really suck some dick," Sam notes, looking at his partner's eyes as they water from the effort. We are firm believers in equality here at BSB. If Max's ass crack can be played with, so can Sam's. He brings his knees to his chest, and Max lubes up Sam's portal. He even slaps his dick head at the hole, teasing nasty Sam. Max's meat pipe was made to slap that boy pussy. A weaker man would have slipped the head in, but Max is a gentleman. He just pokes at Sam's comely hole. "You want me to shove it in," asks Max. There's no response, but does anyone think Sam would have balked if that hole was stretched the way it should be? Max leans if for a kiss, and the two share spit. As his hole is being poked at, Sam jerks his shaft. The sensation proves too much, and his cum shoots all over the place. Some of it lands on his shoulder, and the rest varnishes his thigh. Max leans back, and Sam gets back to sucking (his moans return also). When Max nuts, Sam takes it all in his mouth. He mixes the man nectar with his salvia, and let's the brew dribble out. It coats Max stiffened dick. Question for the day: should we continue with these "experimental" vids? :-)

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