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Straight First Timer Is Super Nervous About Fucking A GuyAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mikey, Jayden, Derek Acosta

Mikey and Jayden are back on the futon today at Broke Straight Boys to ensure that Derek is well schooled in the arts of anal sex. However, it just remains to be seen who is going to be doing what. While Derek had done well with both his oral scenes with Mikey and Jayden, he was still quite hesitant when it came to even contemplating fucking another guy, let alone being fucked. Ultimately, it was decided that both Derek and Mikey would be fucking Jayden, with all three boys making $1000 each. The boys stripped off to their underwear, Jayden and Mikey helping Derek lose his shorts. Mikey got down on his knees in front of Derek, tugging Derek's undies down and started sucking his cock while Jayden stood beside Derek, kissing and licking his neck and chest. Jayden then took Mikey's place, sucking on Derek's cock, then Mikey's before going back to Derek even as Mikey and Derek started kissing each other. The boys sat back down on the futon and launched into the BSB wave; Mikey groaning in pleasure as Derek sucked on his hard cock while Jayden did the same for Derek. For Derek, there was no escaping that Mikey had a huge dick but he did his best, pulling out all the tricks he had learnt so far. A few minutes later, the wave went the other way with Jayden gasping in delight as Derek swallowed down his cock even as he felt Mikey's hot, wet mouth on his own dick. It wasn't long before everyone was ready to get down to the fucking. With the futon opened out and everyone lubed up and ready, Derek lay on his back with Jayden slowly impaling himself on Derek's hard cock. Jayden set himself a fast pace as he rode Derek like a champ, proving himself skilled at multi tasking as he sucked on Mikey's dick. A few minutes later, they switched it up so that Mikey was laying on the futon with Jayden kneeling over him as he got fucked in the ass by Derek. Jayden was enjoying the feel of Derek's cock too much, as evidenced by his turned on panting, to go down on Mikey. Derek was fucking Jayden so well, Jayden was clinging to Mikey's shoulders in ecstasy. Every now and again, Jayden would give Mikey's cock a few tugs before diving down and kissing him, all the while, Derek's hips kept pumping back and forth. It was easy to see that all three boys were loving what they were doing and what was being done to them. Then it was time for Mikey to fuck Jayden. Derek stood up in front of Jayden, his cock buried deep down Jayden's throat while Mikey thrust hard into Jayden's ass. Because Derek had loosened up Jayden's ass, Mikey was able to get a good rhythm going, causing Jayden to moan loudly. Jayden was definitely one of the loudest boys who have appeared on BSB, gasping as Mikey slipped out but immediately thrust right back in. He was also one boy that didn't hide the fact he loved a dick up his ass. Jayden flipped over onto his back, legs spread wide as Mike slid back into his ass. Right away, Jayden was moaning and gasping loudly even as he jerked off Derek who was holding Jayden's legs apart by his ankles. Mikey suddenly sped up, fucking Jayden hard as he wrapped a hand around Jayden's throat and choking him. At this point, Derek had stepped to one side, however, he was intently watching Mikey and Jayden fuck as he jerked himself off. Moaning and gasping in pleasure with each thrust, Jayden was furiously wanking off as Mikey continued to pound into him. It was quite intense between Jayden and Mikey, especially when Mikey dived down and kissed Jayden before riding his ass some more. Telling Mikey to 'fuck me', Jayden announced that he was close to cumming, when an instant later, he shot over his stomach and hip. A few moments later and Mikey pumped cum onto Jayden's cock and pubes. Derek contributed by jerking off over Jayden, cum dribbling over his chin and onto his chest. All three boys did well and even though Derek is straight, he looked like he enjoyed himself as well. Although, he wasn't too sure about the hint that he take one for the team next time. Look out for the boys in the updates!

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