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Ian Dempsey

Say hello to Ian.The Idaho boy is glad to be away from the Gem State.

"It's really boring. There is not a whole much than potatoes."

Unfortunately he needs a place to live (his friends have been kind enough to let him use their
couches). He found out about BSB on a rather strange way. A friend's neighbor hit on the straight
boy. Who wouldn't? :-) Ian told him he preferred the ladies, but the gay neighbor mentioned the site.

"He knew that I was staying at my friend's house because I was broke," Ian says. "He told me
about Broke Straight Boys. He was like you could make money by jerking off there. So I was like

You see BSB fans! The power of good press! LOL!

Ian is an active fellow, swam in high school. All that work has made his body tight and cute, with
lean muscles in the right places. He says his dick is about six inches long. It was semi-hard before
he took off his underwear. :-)

Ian plops on the bed and starts jerking. He gradually loses his initial nervousness, and his tool gets
bigger. Its a thick ol' thing that would fit perfectly in a sweet mouth. :-)

There's a minor pause when Clay asks Ian to show his booty hole. There is no history of hole
fingering, but Ian looks cute with his legs in the air. Could a big payday make him be a good
bottom? :-)

He gets flat on his back and returns to stroking. Those eyes close and the breathing gets heavier.

"I'm going to cum," he whispers.

The first stream of man milk hits the bottom of his chest, and the rest coats that tan stomach. Ian
insists he usually doesn't let go this much juice.

Should Ian return to shoot more copious cream streams? :-)

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