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He Shows His Bro How To Suck A Dick With His Mouth

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Liam Corolla, Skyler Daniels

Today's update is a double treat. First newbie Skyler Daniels makes a quick return to the BSB couch. Sitting next to him is Liam Corolla. He's been away from our studio way, WAY, too long. :-) His hair is bushier than last time and there are more tats on his arm (he insists he got a bargain for the art). Outside of that, he continues to exude the old charm. "I've got three dollars to my name and I miss Clay," Liam explains on why he is back in front of the BSB camera. His pocket problems are due to no work. There's a story about sexual harassment, but let's leave that alone. :-) Skyler's job prospects have not increased. To fatten his wallet, he's willing to allow Liam to suck his dick. The broke boys take off their clothes, and start beating their meat. Liam always gets hard first, so his tool is ready to play. He reaches over and strokes Skyler's hefty dong. "It's OK. It's decent," Skyler says when asked how Liam's hand is. "Only decent," Liam whines in mock horror, giving Skyler a playful tummy slap. Skyler stands up and Liam hits his knees. Look how he looks up at Skyler. All horny and submissive. He opens his mouth and begins to suck Skyler's pole. In a few seconds Skyler has his hand on Liam's hair. A sign someone is enjoying a blow job. Liam hasn't lost a lick since we've last seen him. Lapping the dick gently, using his tongue, deep throating. He attempts the New Orleans bounce, shaking that ravishing booty. Alas, he fails miserably but that ass remains a scrumptious treat. :-) If he stays around, hopefully he will let someone bust it good. You know that's what he really wants! LOL! The boys get back on the couch. Skyler's johnson is standing straight up. Makes it real easy to fit into Liam's mouth. "What do you think about giving him a helping hand," Clay suggests to Skyler. The newbie isn't sure at first. "Only fair," Liam says, his lips coated with spit and pre-cum. Skyler reaches over and tugs at Liam's woody. The strokes are tentative, but gather a rhythm. Skyler's moans can barely be heard over Liam's smacking. The newbie is getting the type of oral love only delivered by experts. Although Liam doesn't deep throat, his tongue slathers all over the head and shaft. Everything is wet and juicy. If Skyler were not a newbie, he would grab Liam and plant a sloppy kiss on those lips. It might shock Liam at first, but he would eagerly kiss back. Skyler will learn the cues as he goes along. LOL!! "Fuck," Skyler moans. Liam gets on one knee, slobbering all over the pogo stick. He jerks Skyler while licking the pink head. You won't believe your eyes but both dudes nut at the same time. Skyler's load shoots straight up, plopping all over his chest. Liam, who has been jerking himself,nuts all over Skyler's leg. "That's a lot of cum," Liam notes. It was. What should these two do next to lose some more man nectar?

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