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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.43/5

In his own words:

"Part of the reason I am here is that I am out of work. But I am also bored and looking for new experiences."

Our comments:

"Skyler Daniels showed up looking pretty scruffy, but after a warm meal and a shower, it turns out he is a very sexy young man!"

Producer comments:

"Eyes and smile to die for. Skyler seems to be up for almost anything to make some money. Time will tell!"

  • Wrestling With Tyler White 09-27-2014

    Tyler White often brags about his wrestling past, but in this video he lives up to the hype. He challenges both Kaden Alexander and Ryan Fields to a match and you'll have to watch to see who wins!

  • Skyler Daniels Fucks Tyler White 09-07-2014

    Tyler White doesn't get to bottom too often, and now we know why! He cringes in pain the whole time Skyler Daniels fucks him…but don't worry, there's still a happy ending...

  • The Guys Go To The Carnival 08-30-2014

    Join the boys, Tyler White, Kaden Alexander and Skyler Daniels as they hit up the local carnival for some thrills and fun.

  • Romeo James Fucks Skyler Daniels 08-27-2014

    Romeo James tops Skyler Daniels in this hot scene as these two horny boys go at it, fucking and sucking and rimming…they just can't get enough!

  • Skyler Fucks Anthony Hunt Bareback 08-17-2014

    Skyler is super horny and Anthony is down to fuck, so when these boys go at each other you know it's going to be intense! Watch as Skyler tops Anthony and fucks him raw!

  • The Boys Take A Shower 08-02-2014

    It's getting hot in here! Join sexy Broke Straight Boys Tyler White, Anthony Hunt, Ryan Fields, and Skyler Daniels in the shower as the boys get cleaned up after their scene.

  • Orgy W Tyler, Ryan, Skyler, Kaden 08-01-2014

    Do not miss this super sexy orgy scene starring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, and Skyler Daniels! These boys know how to fuck, and put them all together and you've got a recipe for one hot fuck fest!

  • Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels 07-30-2014

    Paul and Skyler are paired up in this hot scene full of hot oral and some bareback ass-pounding!

  • Kaden Alexander Fucks Skyler Raw 07-20-2014

    Skyler and Kaden can't wait to get it on and bust one out in this super hot bareback scene!

  • Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson 07-13-2014

    Skyler and Tate are back to make some quick cash…but there's no rushing here, these two take their time with each other as they make out, suck cock and fuck!

  • Bsb Takes Over Boulder, Co 04-12-2014

    The boys of BSB take a field trip to the eccentric town of Boulder, CO and boy what a ride it is. Watch them as they mingle with the local talent, take over the town, and find out what kinds of girls turn them on! Boulder will never be the same!

  • Who Is The Biggest Slut? 11-16-2013

    Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of "Who is the biggest slut?"

  • Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniels 09-19-2013

    Johnny Forza shows Skyler Daniels what it's like to get fucked! The two make out first, lip locking and spit swapping. When it's fucking time, Skyler rides Johnny like a cowboy on a wild bronco. Johnny then puts Skyler on his back for some deep drilling.

  • Brandon Beal Fucks Skyler Daniels 08-17-2013

    Brandon Beal and Skyler Daniels start this sizzling update by making out. That proceeds to mutual dick sucking. When Brandon gets a shot at Skyler's ass, the pounding is balls deep. Skyler whimpers, but when it all ends his chest is soaked in man juice.

  • Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy 07-25-2013

    Skyler Daniels gets a chance to fuck Ayden Troy. Ayden isn't happy about it, but Skyler doesn't care. From the first down stroke, he's balls deep in that sweet man hole. Ayden cries out, but his dick is hard. Both lads shoot tons of cum at the end!

  • Romeo Fucks Skyler 07-04-2013

    Romeo James has never fucked a guy before. BSB offers him a chance at male tail, with Skyler Daniels' tight hole as the test drive. Romeo loves Skyler's fine booty and fucks him like a crazy man. Skyler grunts and groans, and shoots a hefty load!

  • Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels 06-28-2013

    Sometimes when the camera starts rolling, you never know what's going to happen. In BSB Outtakes, anything can and will happen when we yell "action". In this "teaser", get a sneak peek of Adam and Skyler's upcoming scene and watch what happens when a strai

  • Kaden & Skyler 06-20-2013

    Skyler Daniels teaches newbie Kaden Alexander a thing or two about dick sucking! Skyler's soft lips get Kaden's tool rock hard. The newbie is so pleased that he lustily returns the favor. All of this pole slurping causes both lads to bust healthy loads!

  • Romeo & Skyler 06-13-2013

    Skyler Daniels offers Romeo a lesson in sucking dick. Romeo proves adept in his training, even doesn't mind getting a few romantic kisses along the way. After Romeo's chest is splattered in cum, the two head to the showers to talk and get squeaky clean!

  • Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels 06-01-2013

    Jason Matthews and Skyler Daniels get to know each other. Carnally. After sloppy blow jobs from each, Skyler gets on his hands and knees. Jason saddles up and fucks Skyler's hot ass. At the end, both shoot streams of cum. Some of which Jason licks up!

  • Adam Barebacks Skyler 05-25-2013

    Adam takes Skyler for a raw ride, fucking the boy in three positions. Skyler whimpers as Adam's thick sausage parts Skyler's hairy butt cheeks. The pounding gets to Skyler and he shoots a juicy load! Adam pulls out and busts a nut on Skyler's stomach!

  • Straight Talk (episode 3) 05-24-2013

    In this installment of Broke Straight Boy's newest talk show Straight Talk, Sha sits down with hotties Johnny Forza, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla, Ayden Troy, and Skyler Daniels to discuss questions we're all curious to know...

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments: (Episode 2) 05-17-2013

    In this episode, Ms. Sabrina challenges the boys to a game of "sex-slang" and other delicious fun. You won't believe what she has the boys do.

  • Ayden Fucks Skyler 05-16-2013

    Skyler Daniels has done it all, except have his fine ass fucked. In this update, Ayden Troy gets the honor. The two get their poles slick with spit first, and then Skyler gets on his hands and knees. Ayden fills Skyler up and fucks him until he explodes!

  • Skyler & Mick 04-25-2013

    Mick didn't wait long to return for his first experience with a guy. Skyler Daniels is the lucky one to get his lips on Mick's jumbo sausage. Mick is a good sport and returns the favor. Wait for the explosive end to see who gets a mouthful of cum!

  • Liam Skyler & Adam 3-way 04-06-2013

    Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels raw fuck Adam Baer's sweet 18 year old straight-boy hole! Liam gets first shot at parting Adam's milky cheeks. Adam would cry out, but his mouth is stuffed with Skyler's dick. Adam's chest eventually gets soaked in cum!

  • Harlem Shake 04-02-2013

    Broke Straight Boys presents the Harlem Shake. The cast and crew (Johnny Forza, Sha, Aiden Tyler, Adam Bauer, and more).

  • Ayden Troy And Skyler Daniels 03-25-2013

    Skyler Daniels sucks dick for the first time, and Ayden Troy is the lucky guy to get his knob polished! The newbie has learned a trick or two. Swallows Ayden's meat without choking. Jizz eventually ends on Skyler's chin and cheek. Watch to see how!

  • Liam Corolla & Skyler Daniels 03-14-2013

    Liam Corolla is back! He shares the BSB couch with Skyler Daniels. He teaches the newbie how a man can be made happy with a hot mouth. At first Skyler has doubts, but Liam's tongue is magically sweet. He laps Skyler's tool and makes the man juice fly!

  • Skyler Shows Off 03-11-2013

    Skyler Daniels shows us his stuff! Direct from Texas, the newbie is a charmer. Winning personality, sexy smile, and 7 inches of meat that he strokes with gusto! And when he shoots a load? Make sure to cover the eyes because they could get a shot of jizz!

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  • bsb2nid5du on 03/24/2017

    Lol, if it wasn't for the Boulder Colorado outing episode, I don't think I would have bothered watching any of his videos, except for the one with the ever delicious Adam. Hope he returns and/or you all let him back in.

    • PAS2013 on 11/28/2015

      If you're not going to bring Skyler back, can you at least tell us if he is still active in the business and where? I really like him.

      • PAS2013 on 10/22/2015

        How about getting Skyler, Jason Matthews and Paul Canon for a threesome?

        • PAS2013 on 07/15/2015

          Skyler is soooo hot. Best by far when he lets himself show his pleasure when fucking. I really do wish you'd have him back! The only model who comes close is Jason Matthews when He lets himself go! Scrumptious! Both are remarkable. Oh, one could dream!

          • hockeyguymatt on 05/24/2015

            Skyler Daniels is my top 5+ sTud and hoTTie!!!! So fuckin' yummy

            • AWJ12687 on 04/02/2015

              Reminds me of Jim Carey a little. He should never cut his scruffy face it's really hot.

              • PAS2013 on 03/18/2015

                Guys. Please, more Skyler. It's great to see someone enjoy this work. and we all enjoy him. Please get him to come back for some more great episodes!

                • PAS2013 on 03/04/2015

                  Is there an e-mail address to communicate?

                  • PAS2013 on 03/01/2015

                    Skylar is one of the best models in the troupe. Love to see him in action. Can you bring him in again?

                    • mklincoln on 12/23/2014

                      More Skyler!


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