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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 130 (59 kg)
  • Shoe: 8 US (41 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.38/5

In his own words:

"I am going to bust a huge load, I just know it!"

Our comments:

"Liam is a little rough around the edges but he as a nice cock that he is ready to unload. "

Producer comments:

"Needs new socks but he has a really nice cock."

  • Straight Talk (episode 3) 05-24-2013

    In this installment of Broke Straight Boy's newest talk show Straight Talk, Sha sits down with hotties Johnny Forza, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla, Ayden Troy, and Skyler Daniels to discuss questions we're all curious to know...

  • Johnny Forza Barebacks Liam 05-18-2013

    It's been too long since Liam Corolla's ass has been given a proper treatment. Johnny Forza fixes that by fucking the boy. Bareback. Liam straddles Johnny, but when the pounding starts Johnny takes control. Each stroke is balls deep until the sloppy end!

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments: (Episode 2) 05-17-2013

    In this episode, Ms. Sabrina challenges the boys to a game of "sex-slang" and other delicious fun. You won't believe what she has the boys do.

  • Ayden Troy And Liam Corolla 04-18-2013

    In this update Ayden Troy and Liam Corolla learn who sucks the best cock and someone gets rimmed. You can decide who sucks dick best, but Liam eats Ayden's ass with juicy precision. Liam's tongue makes Ayden's toes curl!

  • Liam Skyler & Adam 3-way 04-06-2013

    Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels raw fuck Adam Baer's sweet 18 year old straight-boy hole! Liam gets first shot at parting Adam's milky cheeks. Adam would cry out, but his mouth is stuffed with Skyler's dick. Adam's chest eventually gets soaked in cum!

  • Harlem Shake 04-02-2013

    Broke Straight Boys presents the Harlem Shake. The cast and crew (Johnny Forza, Sha, Aiden Tyler, Adam Bauer, and more).

  • Liam Corolla & Skyler Daniels 03-14-2013

    Liam Corolla is back! He shares the BSB couch with Skyler Daniels. He teaches the newbie how a man can be made happy with a hot mouth. At first Skyler has doubts, but Liam's tongue is magically sweet. He laps Skyler's tool and makes the man juice fly!

  • Liam Corolla & Brade Castro 06-16-2012

    Brade and Liam are together in today's BSB video. Brade discovers he has what it takes to have his hole filled with Liam's hefty dick.There's one more lesson taught, but it's a surprise at the end. Watch to learn what a good student Brade is.

  • Tim & Liam Corolla 06-02-2012

    BSB put Liam and Tim in the same room. They both are straight, but one came out a certified bottom boy. Guess who?

  • Kodi & Liam Corolla 05-12-2012

    Kodi and Liam are back in the studio. Only this time its Kodi's turn to do the fucking.

  • Liam Corolla & Kodi 04-28-2012

    Liam Corolla fucks his first guy, lucky Kodi. What else does Liam do for the first time? Will Liam decide boys are just as much fun as girls? Watch and decide for yourself!

  • Ross & Liam Corolla 04-21-2012

    Ross introduces Liam into the wonderful world of handjobs. See how well Liam does at wanking another guy off for the first time! To see if he enjoys Ross' ministrations, watch for yourself!

  • Liam Corolla 04-09-2012

    This tattooed and pierced 18 year old is here for a solo exhibition that is sure to please. Watch as Liam shows off one of the biggest cum loads ever seen on BSB!

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