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Teen Virgin Straight Boy Kodi Gets Ass Cherry Popped

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Conner Chesney , Kodi

Two extra hot boys are in the studio today; Connor and Kodi and today, Kodi is going to get his cherry popped (which you can hear in the video) by the very eager Connor. Although it took a while to convince Kodi to get fucked for the first time, Kodi said he was ready to go for it while Connor was obviously looking forward to it. The two boys stood and quickly shucked off their clothes, throwing them down on the ground. Sitting side by side on the bed, Connor and Kodi worked on their cocks, pumping the shafts into stiffness. As with most of the boys on Broke Straight Boys, it didn't take long before they were both rock hard, however, Connor glanced at Kodi and asked him if he wanted a hand, something that Kodi readily agreed to. As Connor reached over and took hold of Kodi's uncircumcised cock, Kodi did the same with Connor, both boys sliding their hands up and down the respective dicks. Soon enough, Connor hinted for Kodi to go down on him. Leaning over, Kodi opened up wide and swallowed down Connor's thick cock. Slowly bobbing up and down over the long dick, Kodi worked Connor like a complete pro, even going almost all the way down when Connor asked him to do it. There was no doubt that Connor was loving the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his dick. Reaching over behind Kodi, Connor started to jerk Kodi off as a reward for doing so well with the oral. Every now and again, Kodi couldn't help but shoot the camera one of his usual sultry glances, getting more and more turned on as the minutes ticked by. Pausing briefly for some much needed air, Kodi was quickly shown how much Connor appreciated the blowjob when Connor locked lips with him. It was clear that both boys enjoyed the kissing, Kodi even venturing to put some tongue into it. Their tongue duel wasn't like most of the closed mouth pecks the other boys got away with, instead, their kissing was full of passion and honest desire. A few minutes later, with both boys flushed from all their excited snogging, Connor suggested they try something different; a 69. Kodi and Connor shifted themselves around into position. With Connor on the bottom, Kodi straddled the bigger man, dipping his dick down into Connor's mouth while swallowing Connor's cock. Even though it was quite a difficult position for Connor, he nonetheless sucked on Kodi's cock like a man in desperate need of his favorite treat. At my hint, Connor carefully started fingering Kodi's virgin ass, Kodi moaning around the cock in his mouth. As Kodi worked hard on giving Connor the best blowjob of his life, in return, Connor worked on loosening up Kodi's ultra tight ass for what was about to come. Now though, it was time for Kodi to get his cherry popped. Lying on his front, Kodi slathered a dollop of lube over his virgin ass, slicking his hole up so that Connor's cock would slide in easily. Once Kodi said he was ready, Connor scrambled onto the bed and once in the right position, slowly worked his cock into Kodi's tight ass. As Connor's dick slid all the way in, Kodi gasped as he tried to get used to the unfamiliar feeling of having a dick up his ass. Bracing himself on the bed, Kodi groaned as Connor slowly dipped his cock in and out of his ass. His toes curling, Kodi groaned as Connor drove his dick up and down, Connor's balls slapping heavily against Kodi's well rounded ass cheeks. As Kodi got used to the feeling of being fucked, Connor was able to speed up, his thrusting getting harder even as Kodi started to moan in pleasure. Despite gripping onto the head board for dear life, it was clear that Kodi was feeling some enjoyment as Connor rode his ass. As for Connor, there was no doubt that he was relishing the feel of a tight ass surrounding his thick cock. Riding Kodi's ass hard, Connor pressed Kodi's face down into the cushions, only slightly muffling Kodi's cries of passion. At Kodi's encouragement, Connor slammed his dick in hard, wringing a loud moan from Kodi. The boys switched things up, Kodi flipping over onto his back while Connor knelt in between his legs. By now, both boys had managed to work up a heavy sweat and it was only going to be a matter of a brief few minutes before one of them announced they were ready to hit the ceiling. With a tight grip on Kodi's ankles, Connor slid his dick home again and started to fuck him hard, all the while, Kodi groaned in appreciation even as he tugged on his own dick. Kodi's hand flew up and down his hard cock while Connor pounded his ass all the way into tomorrow. As Kodi stared lustily at the camera, he shot his load all over his stomach, the cum dribbling down his shaft and fingers. Now it was Connor's turn to show off his cum shot. Pulling out, Connor knelt next to Kodi and jerked himself off at a fast and furious pace. Suddenly, a stream of cum hit Kodi in the stomach as Connor panted hard from all his effort. With a cheeky grin, Connor told Kodi to 'come here' as he leaned down and rewarded Kodi with a long and passionate kiss for all his hard work.

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