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Kodi Screames & Curses Taking John's Whopper Sized Dick

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Kodi, John Silver

Today's update is John Silver's third vid. Like most of our models, he's come back because BSB paychecks are a bit more reliable than what's going on in the traditional job market. "Jobs are hard to come by," John says to the cameraman. He's applied for Burger King and tractor supply gigs but, fortunately for us, he's not been able to get hired. Well, he'll find today's assignmenta bit less taxing than serving a Whopper. To tell the truth, he will be serving a lot of beef. He's going to fill up Kodi's hole with his lengthy rod! For some reason, the ever reliable Kodi does jazz hands after the cameraman describes this vid's plot (grin). As for John, he's slightly apprehensive because this is his first go at man booty. "A little shock. Afraid I wont be able to perform,"John says when asked how he's feeling. The lads strip, and Kodi sucks first. He gets John's mighty johnson to full mast, moaning all the way. Suddenly, he takes that sweet mouth off the dick and gets real close to John. He puckers up and the two kiss. No tongue, but a few pecks. Kodi gets back to sucking, his toes curling. There is another kiss. John is less tentative. It's easy to imagine these two getting to full lip lock. "You ready to suck my dick," Kodi wonders. "I guess," John replies. For a newbie, John has taken to pole slurping. He likes to go slow, rubbing his tongue on the shaft. "Your mouth is so warm and wet," Kodi says. John also keeps everything slick and juicy. "Spit all over that dick," Kodi commands. John does so. He doesn't deep throat, but Kodi doesn't mind (grin). Hemakes certain to keep Kodi's bloated head satisfied. "Oh yeah. Use your tongue," Kodi begs. "Just like that." Kodi is in heaven, his eyes closed, that tongue licking his lush lips. "You ready to fuck me," Kodi asks. Do you really need to know the answer? :-) Kodi gets on all fours, and John saddles up behind him. Kodi just groans a bit while John pries him open. When he hits the first down stroke, Kodi can't help but curse. "Oh, fuck," he yells. When it comes to fucking John is slow with the pumping, making sure Kodi feels every inch of his sausage. The streams of curses, groans, and expletives prove Kodi has never been fucked like this before. "I feel it in stomach," Kodi whimpers. Kodi is a good bottom boy. Sure his hole is being rearranged, but he's not asking for John to slow down. He even acts bossy when John hits one of his cheeks. "Smack that fucking ass," Kodi orders. When Kodi, gets on is back everything turns more intense because the angle allows John to go deeper. Look how little Kodi twists himself each time his boy pussy is entered. And the cries of pain/agony get louder. Kodi even makes up a word. "Oh, fuck-a," Kodi whimpers. "Fuck-a?" :-) John isn't paying attention to the linguistic word play. "Take that," John says. Kodi does. He begins to stroke himself so this anal intrusion can end! :-) His load lands on his stomach. John takes a few strokes for good measure before pulling out. John positions himself over Kodi's face, and jerks his staff. The bottom would have gotten a full facial, except much of John's nectar shot over the bottom's face and drenched the sheets. For good measure, Kodi licks up the juice off John's member. Kodi gives John high marks for causing him to walk funny for the next few days. "Excellent job making me scream and squeal," he observes. Is Kodi ever wrong? :-)

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