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Paul Canon Plows The Red Head Conner Chesney

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Conner Chesney , Paul Canon

Paul Canon is back and he’s paired up with Conner Chesney, who is definitely not accustomed to bottoming, but a little foreplay should help put him in the mood.  Paul whips out his cock and makes Conner suck it, pulling it in and out of his mouth a few times before Paul completely undresses and stands above Conner, face-fucking him with his hard dick. 

After Paul has successfully asserted his dominance, he pushes Conner onto the bed and goes down on him, sucking that dick like he can’t get enough.  Once he’s satisfied Conner’s urge for oral, he lubes up and sticks his dick inside Conner’s tight ass, taking it slow at first but after a few thrusts he can’t hold back and he fucks him hard.  He gets his cock good and deep in Conner’s ass, spreading his legs wide open so that he can pound him faster. 

They try a different position, Conner on his back and Paul riding him from above, filling that ass up with his long, thick prick as Conner moans for more.  Each of Paul’s hard thrusts make Conner’s supple ass bounce, and when they switch to doggy style it only makes it easier to see!  Once Paul gets Conner on his back and rams him with his dick, it’s more than Conner can take and he strokes out a huge load, followed closely by Paul!

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