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Conner Chesney Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 200 (91 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.4/5

In his own words:

"My tattoo is written in Polish and the bird is the Polish eagle."

Our comments:

"Connor is about 6' 1" with cropped red hair. Connor has some nice muscles and a nicely shaped back with a tattoo over it. "

  • Paul Canon Fucks Conner Chesney 10-24-2014

    Paul Canon and Conner Chesney are back and better than ever as they pair up for this sexy scene! Conner isn't used to bottoming, but Paul takes no mercy on him as he fucks him till they both explode!

  • Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy 10-10-2014

    Conner Chesney tops newbie David Hardy and shows him what it's like to take a dick up the ass! But before that, they start with some cock-sucking and dildo action first!

  • Conner Chesney Fucks Ian Dempsey 09-26-2014

    Conner Chesney gets a little rough with Ian in this sexy scene, but Ian doesn't seem to mind as he takes that dick and moans for more!

  • Conner Chesney And Ronan Kennedy 09-17-2014

    In today's update sexy Connor is back with the newbie Ronan Kennedy. Connor shows Ronan the ropes, but gets it back in this HOT flip scene.

  • Conner & Anthony 05-14-2012

    Conner and Anthony are back in the studio. Watch Conner plow Anthony in this hot update.

  • Conner & Ty 04-26-2012

    These two boys lick.. fuck.. suck.. cum.. do everything together and a lot, lot more! Watch as Ty and Connor try something new for the members benefit!

  • Conner & Denver Grand 04-14-2012

    The Big Redwood is back, along with Denver. Today, they play around with some cock sucking before doing something extra special. Make sure you watch right to the very end for a pleasant surprise!

  • Denver Grand & Conner 03-31-2012

    Connor and Denver trade oral skills before one of these boys gets fucked. They have a very special surprise that you can't even read about so make sure you watch right to the end!

  • Conner & Tim 03-17-2012

    Tim is about to get his cherry popped by the very capable Connor. However, Connor does something that has only been seen very rarely on Broke Straight Boys. To find out what it is, watch this very hot update!

  • Twister 03-06-2012

    Some of our Broke Straight Boys play Twister the game.

  • Conner & Kodi 03-03-2012

    This is the most passionate scene on BSB. This is Kodi's first time bottoming and you can actually hear Kodi getting his cherry popped in this scene. Watch as Kodi and Connor lick... suck.. kiss... and cum in this white hot update.

  • Conner & Scott 02-04-2012

    Scott gets his cherry popped by the very capable Connor. Find out why Connor is wearing such bright undies and see how Scott handles getting fucked for the very first time!!

  • Interviewing 01-09-2012

    Watch the newest interview of our Broke Straight Boys.

  • Bobby, Conner, & Anthony 01-07-2012

    The A, B and C of BSB are in bed together for an extra hot and downright fun threesome. Watch as they do a fuck train for our viewing pleasure... also, find out what Bobby does to Anthony and Connor at the very end!

  • Conner & Bobby 12-24-2011

    Connor and Bobby trade oral skills before Connor tests out just how flexible Bobby claims to be. Watch as the boys try a few new things never seen before on BSB!

  • Conner & Colin 12-15-2011

    Colin and Connor show off their oral skills on each other before Connor fucks Colin every which way, riding him hard and leaving him begging for more!

  • Jimmy & Conner 12-08-2011

    Connor and Jimmy are in bed today, swapping blowjobs, then, Connor gets his cherry popped by Jimmy in a hot and heavy fuck that has to be seen to be believed!

  • Conner & Ross 11-28-2011

    Connor, the extra hot redhead is back, along with new boy Ross. Connor shows Ross how a straight guy can perform the perfect blowjob while Ross enjoys every moment of it!

  • Conner & Bradley 11-19-2011

    Connor and Bradley indulge in some oral satisfaction before one of these boys takes a cock up the ass for the first time. Who is it going to be and are they going to be a convert to the cock?

  • Conner & Darren 11-10-2011

    Connor tastes cock for the first time, helped along by Darren's instructions. See how he does at shooting practice and decide for yourself if Connor will be back for more?

  • Conner 10-27-2011

    Connor is a fan of country music but he certainly isn't a shy cowboy. Watch as Connor wanks off in front of a camera for the first time for the benefit of the Broke Straight Boys members!

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  • jwhite11209 on 04/25/2017

    Oh, come back! You are the hottest, funniest guy ever on this site. I don't care about anything else.

    • rogervincent on 07/04/2015

      Loved this scene. It was definitely one of Conner's best performances. Not only was it Kodi's first time bottoming, I think he pretty much became a bottom due to this. This is to be watched again and again.

      • austin32159 on 03/01/2015

        Conner is one of the best BSB I have seen in a long time. He is very down to earth and believable. He seems to give it 200% in his work. I enjoy watching him. You would not know he was straight. Keep up the good work Conner I love you.

        • niterydr2000 on 11/08/2014

          GREAT to see Connor back!!!! He's a Sexy red-haired STUD!

          • thejudge on 10/14/2014

            Conner needs to be fucked Bareback!

            • avery123 on 03/30/2014

              The other :Conner who is with Chad on this site is MUCH better looking than the red haired Conner. But then Ive never been a fan of redheads male or female.

              • bertrand on 06/09/2013

                I want Conners'dick in my mouth immediatly!

                • rwh1806 on 05/21/2013

                  Where is Conner??

                  • mwmdei44421 on 04/12/2013

                    When is my favorite BSB coming back? Love to see him with Adam and Johnny.

                    • anonymous on 03/21/2013

                      I want to c more of him!!!!!!!


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