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Colin, Anthony Hunt

Two of the hottest boys on Broke Straight Boys are on the futon today; Anthony and Colin. There was very little in the way of pre-fuck talk as they were more than ready to get down to the action. Laying down on his front along the futon, Anthony had his jeans pulled down over his ass by a rather eager Colin. His hands full of Anthony's nicely shaped ass, Colin squeezed and massaged the round globes before giving one ass cheek a hard slap, which Anthony obviously appreciated. 'Smack me harder than than if you want?' dared Anthony, Colin taking up the challenge and smacking the pale skin hard enough to leave red handprints. Quickly shucking off his clothes, Colin grabbed a bottle of lube and slicked up Anthony's tight hole. With one finger, Colin slowly worked the lube into Anthony's ass, much to Anthony's pleasure. Colin told Anthony to show off his tight ass to the camera, Anthony quickly obliging so that there was a clear shot of his smooth ass, all the while, Colin fisted his own dick in order to get down to some fucking.

Once hard enough, Colin straddled Anthony's thighs and drove his dick deep into Anthony's ass. Setting a steady pace, Colin quickly wrung some moans of pleasure from Anthony. Soon enough, Colin was able to go deep and hard, Anthony groaning on each thrust. "Oh yeah!" sighed Anthony, enjoying the feel of Colin's dick as it thrust in and out of his tight ass. Holding himself still, Colin had the bright idea of getting Anthony to do all the work for a few minutes. Anthony rolled his hips, pumping them up and down so that he was fucking himself on Colin's thick dick. By now, Colin was breaking out in a heavy sweat even as Anthony was in seventh heaven from having a dick up his ass. Faster... harder... rougher... Colin was fucking Anthony without mercy and Anthony was just taking it all in his stride. Suddenly, Colin pulled out and rolled off the condom as he moved to stand in front of Anthony's face. Raising himself up on his elbows, Anthony allowed Colin to slide the long dick in between his lips. Relying on the skills that he had learnt so far during his time at BSB, Anthony was content to let Colin do all the work and drive his cock in and out of his mouth.

Even though he gagged every now and again, Anthony was proving that he had some major cock sucking skills as he soon had Colin panting hard. Breaking off every so often to pump the hard shaft, Anthony quickly swallowed the cock back down again. Pulling his dick out of the hot, wet mouth, Colin decided that it was time to get Anthony naked. Almost tearing off Anthony's clothes even as Anthony maneuvered into sitting, Colin thrust his dick right back into the willing mouth again for a few quick pumps before telling Anthony it was his turn to get sucked off. Sitting next to Anthony, Colin leaned over and started licking up and down the long shaft even as he jerked himself off. Right away, Anthony encouraged Colin to go all the way down. Choking, Colin pulled off but like a complete cock pro, he went right back on it. His hand flying up and down his own dick, Colin took a face fucking in stride, allowing Anthony to pump his dick in and out of his mouth.

The two boys shared a laugh when Colin said that Anthony's dick tasted like lube. Nonetheless, Colin kept sucking cock like it was his favorite candy. Shifting around on the futon so that they were more comfortable, Anthony reached down and grabbed hold of Colin's dick, wanking him off in a steady rhythm, all the while, Colin enjoyed the cock in his mouth. Soon enough, Colin was ready to get back to the fucking. In a dominant move, Colin grabbed Anthony and thumped him down on the futon on his side before rolling on a condom and getting himself slicked up. Spooning behind Anthony, Colin thrust into the straight boy ass and set a hard but steady pace. Only moments later, and encouraged by Anthony, Colin was able to speed it up. It was obvious from Anthony's expression that he was loving the feel of a cock in his ass. The boys were going to pop their loads very soon but it was just a matter of who was going to cum first. Jerking himself off at lightening speed, Anthony came first, cum spilling over his stomach and down his side. Now it was Colin's turn. Kneeling in between Anthony's legs, Colin wanked off, spraying Anthony in the face and down his body.

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