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Hurrican Sandy Blew In But That Didn't Stop These Guys

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Anthony Hunt, Kyle Harley

Before we start this weekend's update, if you got any extra cash send some to the Red Cross. Too many folk are still hurting from Hurricane Sandy. Now to today's scene (grin). Whenever Anthony walks through the BSB door, he knows his title: king of the bottoms. Whether he'spaired with newbies or pros, Anthony's booty will be filled to the max. Today he is sitting next to Kyle Harley, the pretty Kentucky boy. "I like putting you with the new guys," the cameraman says to Anthony. "Nice. Lucky me," the "O face" lad responds. "Damn straight," Kyle adds. Clothes are tossed aside and Kyle sucks dick first. Anthony puts his pale leg on the couch and revels in the work on his meat. "Oh, fuck," Anthony whimpers. Kyle slobbers all of the meat stick, moaning like he's prone to. "Does that fucking cock taste good," Anthony asks. "You like that," Kyle wonders. "Can't lie. It doesn't feel bad," Anthony says. Props to an honest man! Anthony pushes Kyle's head down and the boy whimpers like he's being plugged. Kyle slobbers all over thatlollipop, making sure it's slick with spit. He even pays attention to Anthony's big ol' nuts. "Yeah, suck my fucking balls," "Anthony orders. You can't get a good blow job and not return the favor. Kyle leans back, and his pounding stickstands straight out. Anthony opens wide and goes to town. "Choke on that," Kyle demands as Anthony's throat gets stuffed. Kyle is moaning and Anthony is swallowing all he can. The bottom king tries to deep throat, but can only get half way. He opts to lick the red head. Soon enough it's time for what we all have been waiting for. "Fuck me like a fucking dog," Anthony commands. He slips a condom on Kyle's johnny and lubes up his hole. He gets on all fours, and Kyle drives home. "Fuck, man," Anthony calls out as Kyle starts fucking. Kyle starts hammering at Anthony's hole, smacking those pale cheeks for good measure. "Oh, fucking pound that ass," Anthony whimpers. The "O face" comes as the bottom's prostate gets hit. Kyle is relentless with his stroking, going balls deep. "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck," Anthony groans. The performers change positions, Kyle sitting down as Anthony goes riding. His cheeks get parted again. The couch squeaks and the two boys even lift up the furniture. LOL Anthony is like a jockey riding a Kentucky stallion. The boys spew filth; Kyle yells encouragement with his hands on those milky cheeks. "Ride that dick," he orders. Anthony puts his legs in the air and Kyle reenters for round three. Kyle long stokes the bottom king. The fucking must be working because the king is rock hard. "Fucking cum," Kyle commands. Anthony shoots his load all over his cream ivory tummy. Kyle gets a few strokes in, but pulls out to jerk off. His nut almost hits Anthony's face! "I'm like a cum dumpster," Anthony notes. "You dig. You got it," Kyle says. Anthony got it in more ways than one. Now who should get Kyle? :-)

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