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69 With A Hot Guy & Get Fucked At Same Time & Making Money

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Jimmy Johnson, Colin, Mark Yates

Broke Straight Boys has a special treat for the members today; Mark, Jimmy and Colin have a very hot threesome. At the time of this video, it's going to be Mark's second time being fucked while this will be Colin's first time in a threesome. Despite Mark's nervousness, he couldn't help but laugh when Jimmy started joking around with him in order to get Mark to relax a little. All three boys were raring to get going, Colin stripping off nude in seconds while Jimmy and Mark kept their undies on. Sitting in the tub chair, Mark quickly went to work on Colin's dick while Jimmy rubbed his own cock through the cotton material of his boxers as he watched Mark get Colin warmed up. Moments later, Jimmy's boxers hit the floor. Colin was somewhat rough with Mark, place feeding his cock to Mark before spinning him around to face Jimmy. Mark quickly swallowed down Jimmy's thick cock and proved himself a multi-tasker as he started to jerk off Colin as well. Back and forth, Mark swapped between the two dicks, working hard to get them fully stiff. Both Jimmy and Colin were dominant with Mark, something that Mark took in his stride as he was naturally quieter than the two other boys. However, it was easy to see that Jimmy and Colin were enjoying Mark's attentions as they were both rock hard and panting heavily. Jimmy leaned down and ran a hand over Mark's dick through his boxers even as Mark sucked off Colin. As Mark swapped to Jimmy's dick again, Colin took over for Jimmy, rubbing Mark's cock. In a surprise move, Colin bent all the way over, showing off his ass hole and slapping himself on the butt. Jimmy took no notice of this as he was too pre-occupied in face fucking Mark to within an inch of his life. Standing up straight again when Mark swapped back to his dick, Colin gave Mark's efforts a hearty thumbs up. There was no doubt that by this time, Mark's jaw was feeling sore and he was in desperate need of a break from all his expert cock sucking. However, like a complete pro, he kept going. Colin moved to stand beside Jimmy, Mark displaying some exemplary skills as he took both boys cocks in his mouth at once. This move had both Colin and Jimmy groaning in pleasure but not for long as it was time for Mark to get fucked. Kneeling on the tub chair, Mark concentrated on his breathing as Jimmy worked his cock in his tight ass. Once all the way in, Jimmy showed no mercy and started fucking Mark's ass hard. All Mark could do was take it like a bitch, moaning around the thick cock in his mouth as he sucked off Colin. The boys continued to show a dominant hand towards Mark, Jimmy demanding that Mark 'get down more, bitch!' even as he pushed Mark to lean down further. Shoving his cock all the way down Mark's throat, Colin leaned over and spread Mark's ass cheeks so Jimmy could go even deeper and harder. With a tight grip on Colin's wrists, Jimmy rode Mark's ass hard, all the while, Mark moaned in both pleasure and pain. Colin gave Mark's ass a hard slap, making Mark, even with his mouth full, gasp. Taking control, Colin held Mark's head still and face fucked him hard even as Jimmy pounded Mark's ass without mercy. It was time to switch it up a little so Colin lay out on the bed with Mark straddling him in a 69 position. Jimmy, standing at the end of the bed, slowly slid his dick all the way home into Mark's ass. Mark groaned as Jimmy set a steady pace even as he bobbed up and down on Colin's cock, all the while, Colin swallowed down Mark's dick. His lips wrapped firmly around Mark's dick, Colin grabbed Mark's ass cheeks and held on tightly as he practiced all the oral skills he had learnt. With all three boys working up a heavy sweat, it wouldn't be long until one of them popped off a load. Sure enough, Colin grabbed hold of his dick and jerked himself off at a furious pace even as he licked Mark's dick. Moments later, Mark's face was coated with cum. Pulling out, Jimmy stood on the bed and tugged on his dick, his cum dribbling down Mark's back. Surprisingly, with Mark wanking him off, Colin was able to get off again, adding to the cum already on Mark's face. Now it was Mark's turn. Laying down on the bed, Mark stripped his dick in a fast rhythm and with Colin massaging his balls, it didn't take Mark long to shoot his load all over his chest.

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