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College Frat Bro Gets His Hole Pounded & Pays For School

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Jimmy Johnson, Bradley

Today, the hot duo of Jimmy and Bradley are in the studio. Since his last appearance, Bradley has been traveling around all over the place however, he has run out of money which is why he gave the studio a call, looking for some extra work. As both boys looked pretty eager to get the show on the road, I told them to hurry up and get naked. Jimmy and Bradley stripped off their clothes in record time, throwing them down on the floor. The two boys scrambled back along the bed until they were sitting side by side against the head board. As they played with their dicks, Jimmy couldn't help but comment on the size of Bradley's feet as they almost dwarfed his, Bradley quickly telling him that they were a size 12 and a half. Both boys put in some hard wrist action, their cocks thickening as they watched the straight porn. Once he was rock hard, Jimmy suggested that Bradley start sucking him off, something that Bradley had no hesitation in doing. Jimmy stood up while Bradley rolled over onto his stomach and opened up wide. With a thrust of his hips, Jimmy slid his dick into Bradley's straight boy mouth. As he bobbed back and forth, Bradley shoved a pillow under his stomach so that he could suck dick all the better. Grabbing hold of his dick, Jimmy pulled out for a moment, telling Bradley to stick his tongue out. When Bradley did, Jimmy smeared his pre-cum all over Bradley's tongue before shoving it down his throat again. There was no doubt that Bradley was performing like a complete pro as he serviced Jimmy's cock as he had Jimmy panting in pleasure and almost begging for more. Holding Bradley's head still for a moment, Jimmy gave him a quick face fuck and even though Bradley choked, he adapted well. Now, however, it was time to get onto the main show. The boys broke apart so that they could get down to the real fucking; Jimmy laying down on the bed on his back while Bradley got himself prepped to try riding the thick cock. Once both boys were ready, Bradley straddled Jimmy's lap, lined up the thick cock with his ass hole and slowly lowered himself down. Gripping onto the headboard for dear life, Bradley was in his own private fantasy land as Jimmy fucked his ass. Jimmy, in a feat of strength and skill, supported Bradley's weight while thrusting up into the tight ass. Jimmy tightened his grip on Bradley's thighs, driving his dick up deep into the boy riding his cock. By now, both boys had worked up a sweat from all their hard work, Bradley moaning like a bitch as Jimmy fucked him. Switching things up, the boys scrambled into changing positions. Bradley let Jimmy's dick slide out from his ass and then got down on his elbows and knees while Jimmy stood behind him. Moaning and gritting his teeth as he felt every inch of the large dick working it's way into his ass again, Bradley concentrated on his breathing as Jimmy started to pound his ass. His hips snapping back and forth, Jimmy rode Bradley's ass like a pro even as Bradley got up onto his hands and knees so that it was an easier position. With one foot balanced on the mattress, Jimmy dipped his dick in and out of Bradley's tight ass. Both boys were panting from all their strenuous activity, Bradley almost collapsing back down onto his elbows as Jimmy's dick worked his ass hard. His toes curling, Bradley muttered an 'oh yeah!', obviously liking the feel of cock up his ass way more than he wanted to let on. With a slap to Bradley's ass, Jimmy gestured that he should turn over. Rolling over onto his back and spreading his legs, Bradley groaned as Jimmy thrust back in. Slightly altering his position, Bradley dropped one leg while pulling the other close to his chest even as he started to stroke his own dick. By now, Jimmy was getting close to shooting his load and was fucking Bradley to within an inch of his life, something that made Bradley pant all the more. Only a moment or two later, Jimmy pulled out and started to jerk furiously on his cock while kneeling next to Bradley, cum splattering down onto Bradley's cock and balls.

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