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Jake Gives Up His Ass Cherry On The Internet And Made Bank

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Jimmy Johnson, Jake Trumbull

Jake is back in the studio today, along with Jimmy. Like his solo, Jake was shy and quiet and more than a little nervous about being fucked for the first time, however, he desperately needs some quick cash to put towards a new place to live. Jimmy, on the other hand, was his usual talkative and enthusiastic self. Still the boys were raring to go right away. Sitting side by side on the bed, Jimmy and Jake played with their dicks through the material of their shorts, working on getting their cocks hard. A minute or two later, Jimmy shucked off his shorts and sat with his cock poking through the slit in his boxers. Jake gave Jimmy's dick a quick glance, gulped nervously and went back to watching the straight porn. As Jimmy took off his undies and fisted his stiff dick, Jake slowly massaged his cock as he worked on getting hard. Jimmy could tell that Jake was ill at ease in the studio and suggested something to take his mind off things at hand; sucking Jimmy's dick. Jake snorted in laughter at the suggestion but stood up even as he took off his own shorts and undies before kneeling down on the cushion that Jimmy had so helpfully thrown on the floor. Jimmy stripped off his tank top and stood up in front of Jake, softly patting him on the head even as he re-assured him that it was all going to be alright. With a deep breath, Jake opened up wide and swallowed down Jimmy's long cock. Gently bobbing back and forth, Jake tried to get used to the taste of cock in his mouth even as he fisted his own semi hard dick. Jake was doing well for a raw beginner as he buried his nose deep in Jimmy's pubes. Jimmy moaned in pleasure as he ran a hand back and forth over Jake's shaved head. Kicking it up a notch, Jimmy thrust deep into Jake's mouth a couple of times, something that Jake took in stride. Every now and again, Jimmy would pull his dick completely out and smack it once or twice against Jake's out stretched tongue before thrust all the way back in. At Jimmy's prompt, Jake stood up and patiently allowed Jimmy to help him out of his grey singlet top. Jimmy then told him to get on his front on the bed. Scrambling to comply, Jake had Jimmy's dick staring him in the face. Jake easily handled Jimmy's dick again, not even objecting when Jimmy began to slowly face fuck him. Instead, Jake handled it like a complete pro. By now, both boys had managed to work up a heavy sweat, beads of perspiration rolling down their chests. All too soon though, it was time for Jake to get his cherry popped. Jimmy suggested that they try doggy style first, Jake readily agreeing as it was probably the easiest position to start out in. As Jimmy got himself prepared, Jake turned around and got down on his elbows and knees, with some cushions underneath his slim hips. With careful, measured thrusts, Jimmy gently worked his cock into Jake's virgin ass. There was no doubt that Jimmy was loving the feel of the tight ass surrounding his cock while it was much harder to tell what Jake was feeling. From the look on Jake's face, he was certainly experiencing some discomfort, however, as Jimmy slowly pistoned his hips back and forth, there was the occasional jolt of pleasure on Jake's face. Jimmy kicked the pace up a notch, panting as he worked hard. Unfortunately for Jake, it looked like the increase in pace was a little harder to take but even as he clung to his pillow for dear life, there were hints of ecstasy. Jake's ass was getting pounded hard, Jimmy panting in delight as his dick dipped in and out of the tight ass. At my request, Jake reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart so that there was a great shot of Jimmy's dick diving in deep. In a show of athleticism, Jimmy decided to show off his balancing skills as he stood on the bed behind Jake and riding the ass hard. Even though Jimmy made sure that Jake was ok with the change of pace, there was no doubt that Jake was feeling every inch of Jimmy's long dick. Pausing for a moment as his dick slipped out, Jimmy asked Jake if he liked getting fuck and to no-one's surprise, Jake said he was loving it. They switched positions, Jake flipping over onto his back while Jimmy slid back home as he stood between Jake's legs. Reaching down, Jake began to fist his own dick even as Jimmy kept fucking his ass. It wasn't going to be long before one of the boys announced he was ready to cum and sure enough, as Jimmy rode his ass hard and deep, Jake whispered he was cumming even as cum dribbled through his fingers. Now it was up to Jimmy to show off his cum shot. Jimmy grabbed Jake by the ankles and drove his dick in harder and faster, all the while, Jake enjoyed the ride and worked on achieving a second orgasm. A minute later, Jimmy pulled out, tore off the condom and moved to kneel next to Jake's face. Wanking himself off at a furious pace, Jimmy told Jake to open his mouth even as he shot over Jake's chin, cheek and into his open mouth.

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