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Gay Twink Tells The Straight Boys How To Make A Gay Porn

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Mikey, Jayden, Derek Acosta

Derek is in the studio today to learn some oral skills, for which he said $500 was a good price to start at. I introduced him to Cousin Mikey and then got Derek to come into the room and now that there were two guys he was going to be giving oral to, Derek said that his price had gone up. After much consideration, Derek agreed on $800, blushing when both Mikey and Jayden declared that Derek was 'hot'. Derek stood up, laughing as he threw off his t-shirt. Mikey quickly got down on his knees in front of him and undid Derek's shorts while Jayden stood behind Derek, caressing his smooth chest and stomach. Clad in only his underwear, Mikey rubbing Derek's cock through the cotton material, Derek said he wasn't quite up to kissing just yet. As Jayden licked Derek's nipple, Mikey suggested Derek take off his undies but Derek said that Mikey and Jayden needed to strip down to his level first. The two boys quickly stripped down to their underwear before pulling down Derek's undies and playing with his cock. Mikey kissed and licked Derek's nipple while Jayden, on his knees, removed Derek's underwear before gently kissed and stroked Derek's thigh. Derek bravely reached out and experimented a little by rubbing his hand over the bulge in Mikey's tighty whitey's. As he felt Mikey's dick, Jayden alternately sucked on just the head of Mikey's cock and kissed his balls and groin. Mikey and Jayden swapped positions, Derek instantly amazed at how good Mikey was at sucking cock, even as Jayden tried to get Derek to relax a bit more by kissing his neck and shoulders. It seemed to work as Derek got a little more assertive, pushing down Jayden's undies and gently stroking Jayden's dick while he enjoyed the feel of Mikey's mouth on his cock. Jayden leaned in towards Derek for a kiss and after a brief hesitation, Derek went for it. Jayden got down on his knees while Mikey stood up behind Derek as Jayden showed Derek that he could suck cock just as good as Mikey. Both Mikey and Derek were rock hard as Jayden swapped from one to the other, lavishing their cocks with attention before sucking both cocks into his mouth at once, wringing a deep moan from each boy. Then it was Mikey's turn to be on his knees as he switched from side to side, sucking each cock in deep. It was clear that Derek was getting more turned on as the minutes ticked by as he gladly dived down to kiss Jayden as Mikey sucked on his dick. However, it was now Derek's turn to taste his first cock, Mikey pushing him down onto the futon and standing up on it next to him even as Jayden went deep on Derek's cock. With barely any hesitation, Derek quickly grasped the basics and had Mikey's dick sliding back and forth in his mouth, even reaching around and jerking off Jayden. A few minutes later, Mikey and Jayden swapped; Mikey leaning down and blowing Derek as Jayden slid his cock in between Derek's lips. Jayden was getting so into the blowjob, panting and moaning, that Mikey couldn't help but start kissing him, both boys then leaning down and kissing Derek. Derek was a very quick learner, blowing Mikey for a moment before swapping to Jayden then back again, making both boys moan for more. Jayden soon decided that he wanted another turn on Derek's cock, swallowing him down even as Derek did the same to Mikey. All three boys were getting close so Jayden swapped to tugging on Derek's cock while Derek put in some hard wrist action with Mikey's dick. It wouldn't be long before the boys were ready to cum, it was just a matter of who first. The boys were putting in some hard work but it was Derek who came first, helped along by Jayden, shooting cum all over his stomach and into his pubes. With Mikey and Jayden jerking themselves off on either side of him, Derek was about to experience another first. Mikey came next, spilling cum over Derek's side and hip while Jayden was only a minute later, impressively spraying over Mikey's cock, Derek's side and chest and his own hand. Derek ended up making $1000 for his efforts and did very well for his first time at oral. The shoot ended with a three way kiss between the boys but look out for them in the updates soon!!

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