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We Bring In Mikey The Token Gay Guy To Help Out Straight Guys

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Mikey, Nathan, Corey Fulton

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back both Mikey and Nathan, along with Corey. Corey is 21 years old, straight, has a girlfriend back home and is completely broke as he needs money for a new car. However, he has actually appeared on College Boy Physicals so he is not quite a newcomer. Corey was going to do his solo scene but as I was pressed for time, I decided to throw him right into the mix with an oral scene. Because Mikey is gay, he was going to judge who was the best cocksucker between Corey and Nathan, also, whomever came the most, the winner getting $700 while second place would get $500 and third place, $300. The boys stood up and started stripping off, Corey revealing a pale, slender but toned body. Leaving their underpants on, the boys turned around, pulled them down and wiggled their asses for the camera before sitting back down on the futon. With the porn playing, the guys worked on getting hard, Mikey having a raging stiffy after only a minute or two. Gesturing at Corey, Mikey decided that the new boy should suck his cock first. Corey was a little nervous but quickly got the hang of sucking on a dick, even deep throating Mikey's huge dick as Nathan looked on in amazement. Corey gagged the first few times but soon got used to the feel of a cock in his straight boy mouth, Nathan jerking himself off as he watched Corey give head. Then it was time for Nathan to have a turn at Mikey's dick, sucking on just the head as he wrapped a tight hand around the shaft, Mikey thrusting up into his mouth. Corey sat beside them, tugging at his own dick as he looked closely at how Nathan was giving head. Nathan stated that Mikey was 'huge', Mikey replying that so far, Corey was winning the competition because he had deep throated. So, Nathan gave it a try as well but wasn't able to get all the way down like Corey had. Mikey, glancing over at Corey, asked if he needed help, swallowing him down as Corey nodded his head. Right away, Corey was moaning for more as Mikey put his experience to work. Switching it up, Mikey stood up in front of Nathan, shoving his cock down Nathan's throat again as Corey stood beside Mikey, slowly stroking his own dick. Nathan switched over to Corey, swallowing down his stiff dick even as Corey reached over and started jerking off Mikey. Corey and Mikey looked like they were so in the moment, I asked them to kiss and surprisingly, Corey had no objections, instead, leaning over and locking lips with Mikey instantly. With Nathan kneeling on the ground and sucking on Mikey's cock, Corey got down on all fours, taking Nathan's dick in his mouth and blowing him as he stroked his own dick. Mikey then sat back down on the futon, both Nathan and Corey tonguing his dick at the same time before taking turns at having the big cock in their mouths even as Mikey jerked them both off. Moving into the famous Broke Boys Wave, Corey deep throated Mikey while Nathan sucked on Corey. They then went the other way, Corey blowing Nathan and Mikey fisting his dick even as he sucked on Corey's cock, Nathan saying that Corey gave head better than his girlfriend. Finally it was time to see who was going to blow the biggest load and with the futon pulled out, all three lay back and started working hard on who was going to come, not first, but the most. A dollop of lube each and the wanking started in earnest. It was the new boy who came first, spraying over his upper chest and onto his stomach, his cum shot measured at 17 inches in length. Next was Nathan, spurting over his stomach and his belly button, measuring at 12 inches while Mikey was last, cumming over his stomach and in his pubes, measuring at 8 inches. It was a result of Corey being first, Nathan second and Mikey third. However, because Corey and Mikey kissed, I gave them an extra $50 each which prompted Nathan to say that he would have kissed for the extra money so I told them all to start kissing, all three immediately snogging. Look out for Mikey and Nathan in later videos and hopefully, Corey will be back as well.

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