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Break The News To Straight Guy That His Scene Is With 2 CousinsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mikey, Anthony Torn, Steven Boyd

The last time that I had Steven in the studio he did such a great job and that was his first time being on camera, getting a blow job from a guy, and then giving one as well. I invited him back, and had him teamed up with both Anthony and Mike to do an anal shoot. When they all arrived I had them take a seat on the couch so that we could begin. That's when I asked Steven where he was from, and if it was anywhere in the south? He said that he was from central Florida, and he could tell that something was up my sleeve. That's when I came clean and said that both Anthony and Mike were both cousins. Steven's just said that it wasn't him doing his cousin so he was fine with it, and that's when the other guys laughed. So, I asked Steven if for anal he would consider trying it, and he said that he would be okay with that. Anthony spoke up that he wanted a chance to get to fuck Mike so that it would be kind of a payback thing. That's when I chimed in and offered the guys more money to each of them if they would do a flip flop type shoot where they would all top and bottom, so that we could get a good mix of action. Otherwise, if they didn't want to do everything the pay would decrease. All the guys wanted the bigger checks, and so we were ready to begin. Standing up the guys removed their shirts and then went for their shoes, socks, and pants. Being in their underwear I had them turn around to show their asses to the camera. All those holes were about to get plugged. Turning back around, they took a seat on the couch, and as they started playing with themselves to get hard, I worked on putting on the porn for them to watch. There was one screen playing straight porn and another one playing gay. Taking off their underwear, I asked Mike if he would start to suck on Steven's dick. He leaned over and put Steven's limp dick in his mouth and started working on getting it hard. After a few minutes, Anthony wanted to get a piece of the action, so I asked Steven if he would give some oral to Anthony. They were doing the broke straight boy wave, and Anthony was able to get really hard after that. I asked him if he was ready to do some fucking, and he of course was happy to get to turn things around on Mike. I told Steven that he could watch them to start off, before he was going to get right in there. Mike got on his hands and knees. Anthony started to push his dick in Mike's ass, but Mike was really tight since it had been a long time for him taking a cock. After a couple attempts Mike just wasn't going to relax enough for Anthony to get anything, but the tip of his cock in. Switching roles Anthony assumed the doggy-style position and Mike got behind him and was able to start fucking fairly easy. I asked for Anthony to suck on Steven's dick to help him get harder. Mike really pounded the hell out of his cousin's ass, just how he usually likes to do it. Every once in a while Mike would give the ass he was pounding a great big slap. That spanking would create Anthony to moan and get more turned on. Once Mike was completely hard, and ready I had Steven switch places with Anthony, so that he could try getting fucked for the very first time. Steven got in the very same position and prepared himself for what was to come by taking a couple of deep breaths. That's when Mike pushed forward, causing Steven to gasp from the sensation of having the cock work its way up to being deep inside him. Mike was able to get his whole dick all the way inside before he really started to move around. Once the movement did start though, Steven started to react from the sensation and that's when I had him concentrate on sucking on Anthony's dick. From all the fucking that they were doing, Steven was handling it much better than I thought that he would. I had the guys change position, because I wanted to get some more of Steven getting fucked, so I had him on his back. I asked him what he thought so far, and his comment was that it was different. I brought up the fact that he has done anal with his girlfriend, and now he knows how she feels. His only comment was that he was doing it for the money and the money doesn't bitch. It took some work, but Mike was able to get his cock in Steven's hole again to fuck. I asked for them to go harder, and that's when Steven really concentrated on giving oral to take his mind off his hole being stretched. Anthony reached over and worked on playing with Steven's dick to get him hard again. The sexual build up kept increasing as the fucking got more intense between the two and I haven't seen Mike even fuck his cousin this hard. That's when Mike yelled out that he was about to cum, and so he pulled out and started to jerk off to spray on Steven. However, Anthony beat him to the finish line as he came right on Steven's upper chest. His cum was mostly clear liquid, and the best part was when he licked it all off of Steven's chest. As he was trying to turn Steven on and do something that the members just love. Mike shot his load onto Steven's lower legs, and the best part was that a shot of cum even landed by Steven's eye. That was a GREAT cum shot. Last to get off was Steven, but he was able to do it, and all three guys did a good performance. I just had to bring up that the gay boy got to fuck the two straight boys. The straight boys just admitted that it was easier to just lie there and take it.

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