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Anthony Torn Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 8.5 (22cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.56/5

In his own words:

"Not interested in fucking. How much do you pay?"

Our comments:

"Anthony is a shy giant yet likes partying all the time. He is likes a young Keanu Reeves."

  • Btw Your Scene Partners Are Cousins

    I tell our new straight boy that his 2 scene partners happen to be cousins. He didn't seem freaked out about it so make sure you don't miss this hot scene.

  • Cousins Keep It In The Family

    I surprise Anthony and bring in his cousin Mikey again which he wasn't expecting. They were really excited to see each other. They were so popular together I decided to bring them back.

  • Keanu Reeves Clone Gets Fucked

    Anthony who we always hear looks like Keanu Reeves are in this scene and one of these guys is getting fucked. Watch this scene to find out which guy gets it in the ass.

  • Straight Cousins Do A Gay Threesome

    I bring in the cousins and this time I add a third guy so we can film the cousins in a threesome. Check out this hot gay porn scene to see what happens.

  • Broke Cousins Fuck For Money

    I was able to get the kissing cousins back in front of the camera one more time. This time I am going to get these cousins to have sex.

  • Straight Cousins Get Naked & 69

    A while has passed since Anthony last did a shoot with us, but he had called me up looking to get some extra work. I setup a time for him to come into the studio. See what this broke straight boy does.

  • Keanu Reeves Look Alike Gets Jerked

    Once in a while we get a special request from members who would like to see models together. We took a poll and the members voted that Nikolas and Anthony were the two hottest models for the site. Anthony looks like a young Keanu Reeves.

  • Keanu Reeves Look Alike Do Gay Porn

    Ajay asked what I had in store and I told them I wanted to see the two of them fuck. Anthony was really shocked and I could tell that neither one knew what to say. I told them to wait until I told them about how much they would be making...

  • Keanu Reeves Look Alike Gets Fucked

    Jacob and Anthony were really hurting for money even with the money that I had already given them from shoots before. They asked me for more work, and so I had given them some tasks that I needed done around my house...

  • Keanu Reeves Look Alike Sucks Cock

    Anthony and Jacob come back for another hot encounter and this time they get a taste of each other's dicks. After an initial bout with nervousness I think you'll agree that these boys' cocks belong in each others mouths.

  • Young Keanu Reeves Look Alike Sucks

    Jacob is 24, straight, and needs money because his roofing job is slow. He had a girlfriend, but just found out that he has been sharing her with another guy. Now Anthony is 20 and happens to be the guy sharing the girl with Jacob, but neither know.

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  • GayPornLover on 06/12/2022

    Anthony looks like a young Keanu Reeves. 🥵

    • Nedreed2 on 06/17/2021

      Anthony was the ONLY reason I joined BSB. I especially loved his personality besides his hot cock. Astounding he is probably around 40 now. I bet he still looks great. My favorite scenes were with his cousin Mike!

      • buffaloboi on 02/25/2018

        I miss Anthony

        • bsb4xzkztg on 02/02/2018

          He is so sexy

          • Trey83 on 05/14/2017

            It really is amazing what these models say and do here, but you see them on another website and the story and their actions just don't match up. I think the rationale of giving them phoney names would justify the phoney narrative that this director/cameraman tried to push over a decade ago. He was famous for saying "IF I SAY THEY ARE STRAIGHT ON MY WEBSITE, IT IS THE TRUTH. YOU WON'T FIND ANY OF MY MODELS ON OTHER WEBSITES PRE-TENDING TO BE GAY". Where is the bolt of lightning! Regardless, Anthony Hendrix made a lot of hot man on man porn and sorry he left the business so early!

            • bsb4mjhjys on 05/01/2017

              His correct name is Anthony Hendrix. I am a big fan and have done my research on him. He also appears in some straight porn scenes too. Unfortunately, he left the gay porn business around 2010. His latest work can be seen over at College Dudes. As for Mike his supposed cousin, he is still active on the College Boy Physicals site. As with most of D and E set ups with "straight" men/boy situation, those two producers/directors facts are of their own making. Don't believe anything they say on camera, including the dollar amounts they pay these people in each scene. I am so glad BSB survived the transformation from the ludicrous "DandE" phoney baloney.

              • cmr2k513 on 11/20/2015

                I can't wait to see the next video of the cousins Mikey and Anthony... by far the best videos yet

                • kansasboy on 04/18/2015

                  Him and his cuz. Wow!!

                  • kansasboy on 04/18/2015

                    Yummy guy. Love him!!

                    • arthurvandelay on 02/02/2014

                      Love to Anthony get revenge on his little cousin - they both have huge cocks