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Ryan Didn’t Realize How Hardcore Brock Is

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Dominant Top Brock Took Control In Sex Scene With Rodeo Ryan, Find Out How it Went In This Interview!

After their intense sexual encounter, Brock and Ryan are sitting on opposite ends of the futon, both completely nude. They just finished performing in a gay for pay sex scene. Their musky scents mingle together in the air, creating an erotic atmosphere that fills the room. As they begin the interview, Brock casually wipes away some of the remaining semen from his face. Brock says Ryan has a tight butt hole and big ass cheeks. Ryan earned the nickname "rodeo Ryan" for his impressive tenacity during sex. Brock explains that got over his fear of rimming ass, and even creampie spit swapped with Ryan. Their bodies still blushing from passionate coupling. Brock and Ryan couldn't help but smile at each other, knowing that they had just experienced something truly special together.

Brock is definitely a dominant top, standing above six feet tall and built like a brick wall. He's got a commanding presence that just oozes confidence and authority. When Brock enters into a scene, he immediately takes control of the situation and takes action however he sees fit. Because of this the director has to ask him to tone things down, but overall his personality shines through. His partner, Ryan, on the other hand, is a tad shorter and much more hairy! Ryan is clean cut and means business, he boasts an impressive smile. Despite being different in a few ways, Brock and Ryan's pairing works incredibly well because they both bring unique strengths to the table.

In a show of raw masculine energy the boys went the extra mile in terms of raunchiness, and each earned a whopping $1,800 for the scene. As the guys lay there in each other's arms, they began to talk about what plans they have for the generous sum of money earned from performing. Brock explained that he was going to use his portion of the money to treat himself to some new luxury items. Meanwhile, Ryan revealed that he was going to use his share of the money to pay off some of his student expenses, which had been weighing heavily on him. Despite their different plans for how they would be spending their hard-earned cash, both Brock and Ryan were incredibly grateful for the opportunity that they had been given to showcase their talents in the adult entertainment industry. The interview comes to an end with both guys looking forward to future opportunities within the studio.

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