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Archie And Ryan's Bareback Anal Adventure Leads To Climax

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Archie Paige, Ryan Russo

Join Archie and Ryan As They Explore the Thrilling World of Bareback Anal Sex!

The scene begins with Archie and Ryan passionately kissing in just their underwear. Archie is equipped with Silver fruit of the loom boxer briefs. Meanwhile Ryan has on a tight white pair of underwear. Ryan's hard-on is visibly bulging through his tight briefs. Without any hesitation, Archie grabs hold of Ryan's package and starts stroking it, feeling how hard and thick it is. He then decides to take matters further by taking Ryan's massive dong out of his underwear and putting it straight into his mouth. Archie works the stiff cock with his mouth and lips, driving it down the length of his throat. Archie exclaims that Ryan has a huge dick, and he struggles to get the entire shaft inside. As Archie works the stiff cock with his mouth and lips, he drives it down the length of his throat, almost like he wants to swallow it whole. With every stroke, Ryan groans deeply as he enjoys the blowjob. Next Archie removes his own underwear and his rock hard dick springs free. Ryan bends the knees and starts to engulf Archie's cock with his mouth. Archie directs the new boy's head to bob up and down on the stiff rod.

While Archie's dick sways back and forth in Ryan's mouth, droplets of pre-cum ooze out from the slit. Meanwhile, Ryan's hands explore every nook and cranny of Archie's muscular body. Archie's trimmed pubes are on full display as Ryan sucks his cock. Next they sixty nine position with Ryan's furry ass on Archie's face. Archie rims and tongue punches the hairy hole thoroughly. Moans of pleasure echo throughout the room as both studs service each other in tandem. Suddenly Archie says he is ready to fuck. Ryan spreads his legs and lays back on the futon. Inch by inch, Ryan slowly pushes Archie's cock into his tight anal cavity until both their bodies are completely joined together in a perfect fit. Ryan submits to Archie and lets him take control. The suave top Archie thrusts into his hairy bottom's ass bareback. Archie senses that Ryan is enjoying the pounding so he intensifies his actions.

Ryan grunts out in ecstatic bliss while getting penetrated. His face is expressing each sensational thrust of Archie's ram rod. Archie's wide muscular back adds to the downward force he applies while performing in the bedroom. Ryan's hairy torso contrasts against Archie's mostly smooth appearance. Next Ryan gets on his hands and knees for a doggy style raunchy romp. Archie plows the boy hole rhythmically, and Ryan braces for impact. Ryan has a thick jiggly butt that bounces back and forth against Archie's crotch. Suddenly Archie pulls out and blasts a sticky white load onto Ryan's hairy hole. He continues cumming and drives it back inside to coat his innards with cream. Next Ryan kneels over Archie's chest and squirts cum onto his chest. Then Ryan licks up the cum and swallows it all. The scene comes to an end with both guys fully satiated.

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