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Rough And Ready Brock Gets Dominated By Archie's Big Dick.

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Archie Paige, Brock Reynolds

Horseplay Turns into Hot Man Sex. Tight Buns & Rock Hard Dicks Satisy An Oral Fixation.

When the scene opens, we see Archie and Brock engaged in some playful horseplay, teasingly pushing and pulling against each other in a flirtatious manner. However, their banter quickly takes a more serious turn when they begin to passionately kiss one another. Archie is dressed in a pair of tight blue briefs, which cling seductively to his muscular frame and highlight the impressive bulge in his underwear. Meanwhile, Brock is sporting a similarly eye-catching outfit, consisting of a pair of white briefs that accentuate his lean physique and leave little doubt about the fact that he too is packing some serious heat down below. Brock's big hard dick is removed from the underwear by Archie. As Archie takes Brock's rock-hard cock into his mouth, the room fills with intense desire and lustful energy. Brock's hands roam over Archie's smooth skin, feeling every contour of this young stud's body. Archie is a champ at sucking dick and Brock is impressed by his skill.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Both boys have playful personalities. Brock states that Archie gives the best head in four counties and has many oral tricks up his sleeve. The sound of sucking echoes through the room. Archie's massive pole jumps out like a bone-hard python, Brock reaches forward and wraps his hands around it, caressing every inch of its rock-solid length with unbridled desire. He looks up at Archie with a hungry gaze that speaks volumes about how much he wants to be filled by this Italian Stallion. With a single, swift motion, Brock takes the entire length of Archie's throbbing erection into his mouth, engulfing it completely with just the right amount of pressure to make sure it fits perfectly in his warm, wet orifice. Archie lets out a deep moan of pleasure as Brock sucks and slurps away on his cock. Soon Archie tells Brock he wants to rim his ass.

Archie leans over Brock's exposed ass, he notices how tightly packed Brock's muscular cheeks are. He takes a deep breath through his nostrils and dives right into Brock's stretched-open hole with his tongue. Brock moans softly as Archie begins to tease his rim with long, slow licks. His hands rest lightly on top of Archie's head, guiding him deeper into Brock's hot, wet crack. Archie goes crazy with the tongue, Brock has never felt anything like this before. Brock moans loudly from the tickling tongue Archie rims him with. Next he gets on all fours, and Archie prepares to top. Without hesitation Archie drives his ram rod into Brock's tight hole. Brock tries to fight back against Archie, but eventually gives in and lets himself be taken by Archie. As their passionate encounter continues, Archie becomes more and more dominant over Brock, treating him like his own personal plaything. In one particularly intense moment, Archie decides to make Brock his "pillow princess", as he pushes Brock onto his stomach and begins slamming his huge dick deep into Brock's tight anal hole. It becomes too great for Archie and he pulls out to cum all over Brock’s butt hole. He jams the cum back inside the ass to coat it with glaze. Next Archie gives Brock some head to help him get off. Brock starts to furiously jerk off, and he ejects a big load onto Archie's tongue. Archie slurps up the cum. The scene comes to an end with both guys satisfied.

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