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Andy And Ryan Flip Fuck In This Double Dip Delight

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Ryan Russo, Andy Adler

Double Dip Delight: Ryan Rims Andy's Smooth Ass Cheeks Before Plowing Him Hard

The scene begins with Ryan and Andy intimately kissing. They are only wearing white briefs. While they continue their passionate lip-lock, Ryan starts to fondle Andy’s penis through his tight underwear. Ryan seems to be the more dominant one and is taking the lead. Their lips smack together as they exchange hungry kisses. Andy starts to undress himself, revealing his hard dick which springs free from his briefs. Ryan notices Andy's impressive erection and takes the thick dick into his mouth. He feels the salty pre-cum dripping from the tip. He begins to suck on it hungrily, teasing the sensitive flesh with his tongue. Meanwhile, Andy moans in pleasure as he feels Ryan's warm lips wrapped around his shaft. He can feel himself getting closer and closer to climaxing, but he wants to make sure that Ryan gets off just as much as he does. Soon enough, Ryan's head bobs faster and harder, taking all of Andy's meat down his throat like a pro. Andy thrusts his hips forward shoving his cock into Ryan's mouth. Saliva drips down as Ryan is face fucked by Andy.

Next Ryan removes his underwear to reveal his hairy body. Andy pounces onto Ryan's stiff rod and begins sucking. Eventually Andy's mouth goes a little lower on Ryan as he starts rimming. With each stroke of Andy's talented tongue, Ryan becomes increasingly aroused. His breathing quickens and his chest heaves with each deep inhale. As Andy continues to tease Ryan's entrance, Ryan's moans become louder and more urgent. Finally Ryan states he wants a taste of Andy's smooth pink pucker. Andy spreads his legs and Ryan rim's the smooth ass hole. After what seems like an eternity of delicious torture, Andy exclaims its time to fuck. Andy inserts his big hard dick into Ryan's butt.

With every thrust of Andy's thick, long hard dick deep into Ryan's tightly clenched hairy hole, the room fills with moan after moan of pure pleasure and unbridled lust. And as the two studs continue to go at it, it becomes abundantly clear that both of them are fully surrendered to the moment, completely lost in the blissful ecstasy of their erotic encounter together. Cute twink Andy keeps fucking Ryan intensely with his big dick. Then Andy pulls out and shoots a sticky white load all over Ryan's hairy tummy. Next it's Ryans turn to top. As Ryan enters Andy's tight ass, their passion ignites like a wildfire. With every thrust, their bodies become one, creating a sensual symphony that only they can hear. Ryan calls Andy a good boy while he fucks him. Soon the fucking becomes too much for Ryan as he reaches climax. He pulls out and ejects several globs of cum all over Andy's navel. Ryan then licks the cum off of Andy and the scene comes to a close.

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