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Brock Creampies Andy's Gaping Pink Boy Hole

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Brock Reynolds, Andy Adler

Raw Power, Brock Fills Andy's Sweet Gaping Boy Hole with Loads of Cum.

The scene begins with Brock and Andy sitting on the futon arm wrestling each other. They are stripped down to only their skimpy underwear, and the camera zooms in on their toned bodies. Brock has on olive colored briefs while Andy is wearing tight white underwear. Andy struggles against Brock's overwhelming physical strength, but Brock refuses to let him go. With one hand, Brock feels Andy up through his white cotton briefs, cupping his smooth bubble butt cheeks before grasping hold of his long, hard dick through the fabric. Andy moans softly as Brock teases him, stroking his shaft slowly while staring deep into his eyes. Suddenly, Brock pulls down Andy's briefs and takes his cock into his mouth. Andy gasps in surprise and pleasure as Brock expertly sucks on his dick, swirling his tongue around the head before taking the whole thing down his throat. Andy's tighty whities fall to the floor and he thrusts into Brock's throat. Brock gags and coughs on the thick cock as it slides deep into his mouth. Brocks eye sheds a tear from the intense blowjob and face fucking he receives from Andy.

Next it's Brock's turn for a blow job, so he removes his olive briefs. Andy quickly moves to take Brock's massive dick into his mouth, eagerly sucking away on the thick meat like a pro. As Andy deepthroats Brock's cock, his lips stretch tightly around the shaft. When the camera pans, Andy’s smooth pink boy hole is fully exposed to viewers. Meanwhile, Brock moans loudly as he feels Andy's warm tongue swirling around his sensitive balls, teasing them mercilessly before moving back up. But even though Andy is giving Brock one hell of a blowjob, Brock still wants to pulverize Andy's tight little body. Andy gets the tip wet and sloppy with his saliva, then sits directly onto Brock's cock. Andy rides Brocks dick up and down with his legs spread wide. Andy moans out in pleasure as he bottoms for Brock. The sound of flesh colliding fills the room.

Brock says Andy is moaning like a pussy boy, and takes cock like a champ. Andy continues to writhe and moan beneath Brock's powerful thrusts, his slim body undulating in time with each hardcore pounding. Despite the fact that Brock is clearly enjoying himself immensely, there's also a sense of sadism lurking just beneath the surface, as if he's taking some sort of perverse pleasure in inflicting pain and humiliation upon poor helpless Andy. Smooth twink Andy is being man handled by Brock. Brock dominates the boy hole and verbally degrades Andy. During this upside down ass fuck Andy is seen contorting his body in many intricate positions. Andy can hardly handle Brocks monster cock within him. He gasps for air and experiences intense sensations with each thrust. Andy pisses Brock off with his moaning, and calls him a poor thing. Andy and Brock continue to have sex for a few moments. Brock asks if he's ready for cum, Andy exclaims he wants it now. Suddenly Brock pulls out to blast Andy's gaping hole with creamy loads and drives the shaft back inside, coating it with white slime. Andy's pink boy hole pulsates while gaping wide open and oozes Brocks creampie out. Brock fingers Andy while he strokes his cock and makes him climax. Andy shoots sticky semen all over his own hand and then swallows it off. The scene comes to an end with both guys satisfied.

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