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Ryan Is In For A Surprise With Brock’s Big Cock

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Raw, Rough & Ready, Brock & Ryan Spill All Their Sexual Secrets In This Exclusive Interview!

The interview begins with Brock and Ryan sitting side by side on the futon, their nervous energy radiates through the room. Brock is wearing a comfortable green sweater that emphasizes his toned physique, while Ryan sports a dark red t-shirt that clings tightly to his chest. Both men are visibly excited about this opportunity to be featured on one of the most popular gay porn sites online, Broke Straight Boys. This is Ryan's first time doing an interview with them, but Brock has been with the company for quite some time now, and he can hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of getting down and dirty with his hot new co-star. Despite their nerves, both men maintain a professional demeanor throughout the entire interview process, eagerly answering each question put forth to them by the interviewer. Ryan is new to Broke Straight Boys so check out his introduction video.

Brock casually explains that he isn't too fond of rimming during sexual encounters. However, the interviewer senses an opportunity and offers Brock higher payment if he agrees to participate in the raunchy act of rimming. Brock hesitantly agrees, unsure whether or not he truly enjoys this particular fetish. Meanwhile, Ryan sits calmly and confidently, silently observing both the interviewer and Brock. Ryan is 21 years old and very hairy, but this does not throw Brock off. When asked about his preferred sexual preferences, Brock states that he is not picky when it comes to fucking. He is open to trying pretty much any type of sexual activity so long as it feels good and satisfies his intense carnal desires. Brock gives a shout out to all viewers and explains that they should contact him using the forum. Brock addresses his performing style, and talks about not hurting anyone's feelings while being a verbal top.

The plan is to have Ryan bottom for verbal dom top Brock. As they continue the interview, Brock stands up to show off his big dick. It's thick, long, and dangling proudly. Ryan can't help but stare at it in admiration. After a moment of awkward silence, Ryan decides to get familiar with Brock's cock by putting it in his mouth. He takes it deep down his throat, teasing Brock with his oral skills. Finally, after some more back and forth banter, Ryan removes his shorts revealing his huge hard cock and furry ass. Brock can't help but take a closer look, running his hands along Ryan's firm round cheeks. Soon Ryan bends over to show off his hairy hole. Brock asks the viewers what they think about him rimming this boy hole during the upcoming scene. The two practice kissing and the scene comes to an end.

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