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Straight Boy Nico Fucks Naughty Boy Amone Raw

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Amone Bane, Nico Max

Did you know Santa's elves wear blue underwear? Well, at least these two naughty elves do as they make out on the bed after a long day slaving away in Santa's workshop. Amone kisses elf Nico's chest and then covers his dick with his lips. He the wanting cock into his mouth while Nico breathes heavily. His cock hardens quickly as it feels Amone's soft lips wrapped around it.

The boys continue to play as they find his throat is deep and his lips are firm against the underside of Nico's cock.. Too impatient to wait for Nico's mouth, Amone slides his hand under the band of his underwear with a thick glob of spit to rub his own cock hard. Nico's socks come off before he gives Amone's big dick the attention it deserves for being so massive.

Nico's beautiful body is bend in half as he hardens Amone's cock with his tongue. His beautiful hole on full display as he prepares it to be taken by the naughty elf. Nice Nico kisses Amone's neck then presents his present to Amone, ass in the air to be licked by his naughty elf friend. Nico's beautiful hole feels smooth and wet with Amone's saliva dripping down to his nuts. He plays with his cock as he licks the hole, preparing it to be opened up for his massive candy cane.

"Ready for the real thing?" Amone confirms before he holds his huge cock centimeters away from Nico's asshole. He slides himself in gently, encouraging Nico to take it all with a gently resting of his hand on his lower back. Once the top elf's hard cock has stretched its hole, he picks up speed, more aggressively pounding his ass, watching it ripple with each press into his hips. Nico's back is arched in pleasure as he takes it from behind.

Giving it to the bottom elf from the front, Amone's spit slides down Nico's cock onto his balls and finally resting between Amone's cock and Nico's fine asshole. The lubrication allows Amone to play harder, pushing into Nico with purpose while he plays with his stiff shaft. Even though Amone is the naughty elf, he shows a moment of niceness as he allows Nico to cum first, spreading his seed as his uncut cock throbs in pleasure and his hole remains filled with this Christmas sausage.

Finally, the tightness of Nico's ass is too much for Amone to ignore. He slides his cock in and out for the last time before grabbing his shaft and coaxing his hot cream out of the tip with purpose, frosting Nico's body with his hot present.

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