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Getting To Know Amone Bane

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This hunk of a curly-haired man is Amone. He's 26 years old, and been doing studio work for a year already. In the porn industry, he's a veteran porn star. In all accounts he is straight, doing porn for social media with his former female partner. But when they broke up, Amone was going solo and trying to find his way into the formalized industry. Hence, being Gay For Pay.

Originally from Orlando, Amone never has had sex with guys, only dated girls, and was pretty typical straight guy playing football and running track. His first time having sex with a guy was in the studio - an awkward and uncomfortable situation for him. It wasn't a disaster, but his cock struggled through the shoot to get hard. Only topping in those first four scenes, Amone bottomed for the first time on screen too.

In his personal time, Amone is definitely straight, he doesn't live the lifestyle of gay men - he looks forward to the heterosexual lifestyle. While he really loves the gay community, he doesn't feel as though he is a member of it. His current girlfriend also likes being on camera, but it's been an ongoing conversation about whether or not they will be doing porn together online.

Watch the video to see Amone's fascinating insights into what it means to be Gay for Pay. He is very open about his sexuality and his perspectives on the gay porn scene. Amone's hot take really shows he is a true 21st century citizen, focusing on taking advantage of his youth and good looks. "What other time of your life are you going to get paid like this?" is his sound rationale. He's a true entrepreneur, taking note of his audience's preferences and focusing on what content he delivers to his viewers.

Watch this interview to learn all sorts of tidbits and facts about Amone Bane. Including the story about his first time bottoming and how he wishes the members will see his down-to-earth style. Get to know Amone Bane!

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