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Kade And Brody After The SceneAdd Movie to your Favorites
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Kade and Brody are sweaty, SWEATY from their romp in the sack. They gave it their all, and even a little more. Kade actually couldn't help himself, Brody's ass felt so great. His pleasured cock came inside Brody, filling him with cum to the brim. Brody, on the other hand, came in Kade's mouth, with a health diet, he called it 'perfect' cum. His body is still trembling from the endorphins, legs shaking with pleasure.

A good question: which is more important - girth or length? For Brody, it's length, in his limited experience. He doesn't need to stretch his virgin asshole too much, and can't take it too big. Dick sucking is Brody's specialty, where he knows how to lick tip and suck shaft.

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