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Getting To Know Brody Fox

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Not just a sex object, Brody is 21 years old standing at 6 feet. and most importantly - his cock is a cut 7 inches. Working with another studio, Brody has done 2 scenes in front of the camera already. While he does consider himself bi-curious, he certainly identifies as a gay-for-pay model. Doing porn is about getting the money. Attempting the straight porn side, Brody quickly realized the gay side is what makes the pay day worthwhile.

Growing up as a skinny kid, he recently got into building muscle and going to the gym. He packs full clean calories and the result is a hot, muscular bod. He's dated girls, although not having much experience in high school, he's been more successful recently. A monogamous relationship isn't for Brody - he likes to have a lot of sex with a lot of different people.

This free agent lives in, ad was born and raised, in Florida. He loves to surf and paddleboard in his spare time, but his future sights are set on getting more popularity as a porn star. His regular job isn't even comparable when it comes to the paycheck - maybe one day he can quit and go porn full-time!

Brody's first time bottoming was a surprisingly pleasurable experience. He struggled with taking the horse-hung cock, but did enjoy the new experience - to the point where bottoming is his favorite position now. When asked if he would bottom in his private life, not for any money, Brody was transparent in his response. "I do not know," he said solidly.

To members, Brody's message is clear - he hopes you enjoy him and want him to come back. Rate him and his scenes, and comment to give Brody feedback. Is he hot, sexy, a good fuck, or all three?

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