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Brody Takes Justins Big Fat Cock Raw

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Justin Case, Brody Fox

Checking out the hot chicks on their incognito web browsers, Brody and Justin are getting it up with visual aid. "Need some help?" Justin asks when Brody responds with a sheepish yes. Justin sucks Brody's very nice cock, hardening and growing under the wet pressure of the mouth.

Flipping Justin to his back, Brody hungrily takes Justin's cock with his lips and hand, alternating rotation of his head and grip. "Oh shit," Justin responds in pleasurable surprise as he alludes Brody's cock-sucking skills. His eyes close and his head leans back as Brody chokes himself with Justin's cock. The noise of Brody sucking for air fills the room as he continues to please Justin.

Giving him that ass, Brody bends forward and lets Justin slap his cheeks before he digs his tongue deep into his hole. Sliding his tongue up and down his nice crack, Justin enjoys Brody's hole, slipping in a finger to tease him. Brody steals a look at the camera, smiling in pleasure with a glint in his eye. Justin spits another time to wet Brody's hole before he guides his cock into the newbie's ass.

Both of them moan in pleasure as their bodies connect, getting what they each desire. Justin pulsates harder as Brody moves his hips in wanting more. They communicate with their movements, allowing Justin's cock to shove deeper into the bubble-shaped ass, bouncing against the tight cheeks.

Operating as a power bottom at times, Brody uses his hips to lure Justin's cock even deeper into him. On his back now, Brody rests his hands behind his head for Justin to take full control of his ass. The heavy country accent comes through Justin's moans. The new-to-the-scene ginger slides his hand down the tip of his cock to set all his nerves on fire. He brings his cock to orgasm as Justin fills his ass with his girth.

"I'm gonna cum, too," Justin announces as he quickly squirts streams of sperm onto Brody's chest. The smile Brody gives in response shows that maybe he just hasn't had the right kind of girthy cock in him to make it worth his while.

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