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Getting To Know Kade Kadence

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He's 25 years old from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is soft-spoken and devilishly handsome. He is...Kade Kadence.

A skater boy in high school, Kade dated girls and is still into women. Dating girls with big asses and red hair. His current relationship is 6 months old, and he has decided to throw a wrench into it by doing gay porn. Except, she's not aware of his extracurricular money-making hobbies.

It's good money, trying to work in the straight porn side. He even applied to Broke Straight Boys thinking it was a straight site. But when he was told that he was accepted as a Gay 4 Pay model, he was taken aback but willing to give it a try. "It's' just a dick," he says in response to sucking cock. His willingness stops at taking a cock up the ass, though, siting that he probably just wouldn't be into it enough.

Kade jerks off 3 to 4 times a day, calling himself a horn dog and highly sexual. Will this propensity bleed into his performances at BSB or will he have a hard time getting off? Before doing anything too crazy, Kade will take it easy and enjoy the process of fucking. He hopes the members enjoys what they see and his big cock.

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