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Mikey, Jacob Vargas, Anthony Torn

Typically the more guys in a scene the more interactive each guy tends to get, and so when I setup for a threesome shoot I wanted the best show I can. Once all three guys arrived at the studio we were able to get started shooting right away. I had them take a seat on the couch and starting on the left side of the couch introducing them to the camera. First was Jacob, but we were going to call him Anthony, because he was sitting next to another Jacob. He is straight, and has a wife who knows that he does porn for the money he brings home, and he likes to bottom. Sitting next to him was Jacob, who is straight, but we like to refer to him as gay for pay. He too has a girlfriend, and she does not know how he brings home all the money. Then, last on the couch was Mike, the only true gay one sitting on the couch, that loves to top any boys he can get his cock into. I asked Jacob what he thought about the two guys sitting next to him, and he started to pick up on something but didn't really know what it was. Finally, I broke down and told Jacob that Anthony and Mike were cousins, and he just said if they were down for it, whatever. The plan was that Jacob was going to fuck Anthony and that Mike would just kind of fill in as well. Starting with each piece of clothing they stripped down to their underwear, and they started to watch bisexual porn that I had. Playing with their cocks I wanted them to get hard for me, in order to start with the oral. I told Jacob that maybe we would get both cousins to suck on his dick at one time, and they would swallow his big piece of meat. Anthony responded that people have said that his tastes like pepperoni. Mike was the first to pull out his cock and jerk off outside his underwear. Jacob looked over and saw how hard Mike was, and was a little impressed by his size. Since Jacob wasn't getting that hard yet, and was flopping his cock around. He told Mike to go down and suck his cock, and sure enough Mike wasted no time in doing it. Anthony sitting on the other end of the couch was watching intently the blow job that was going on. Jacob was still just not getting hard, but Anthony dropped down to the floor and pulled off Jacob's shorts. Mike then went to sucking on Jacob's nipple and rubbing his chest while Anthony was down sucking on the cock. Sure enough it was Anthony's deep-throating that was doing the trick. Mike moved up to being on his knees in order for Jacob to suck on his dick. Mike wasn't shy about it as he was getting a blow job; he started to face fuck Jacob's mouth. Jacob wasn't all that good at being able to take Mike's cock like that. So, he started to suck the tip of the cock and used his hand to jerk him off as well. I wanted to make sure they were as hard as possible, so I made them do oral as long as possible. Then, I had them get ready for the fucking, and had Anthony give head to Mike. Anthony was on his knees and his ass was up in the air ready to be fucked. Jacob was off to the side getting a condom on, and as soon as he was ready he slipped in behind Mike. He pushed his cock right into Anthony's ass without any problem and was able to start fucking. As the pounding got started and Jacob would thrust his hips forward really hard, Anthony's ass would jiggle. It wasn't long before Anthony couldn't completely concentrate on giving oral and started to just moan instead. Still to keep the action going and always changing in the shoot, I had Mike get a condom on. The plan was that I was going to have him fuck Jacob, and we would get this train of fucking going on. I knew that Jacob wasn't paying too much attention to what I said. Mike got in behind Jacob slowly, and to my surprise, Jacob didn't resist much. It was a long time ago when Jacob tired to bottom for the first time with Tyler, and that was a hot shoot as well. Jacob said that he would never bottom again, but I knew that he would do it in the back of my head. Mike just has a thick cock, so it was a little bit for Jacob to relax enough that Mike could get all the way in. While Mike was slowly working his way in, Anthony was busy trying to ride Jacob's cock in the front. The best part was when Jacob was in the middle and would thrust forward to fuck, and then slide back to get fucked. They were able to do this for a minute or so at a pretty fast paced. Then, Jacob decided that he had enough of getting fucked and wanted to stop. That was when I had Mike move forward and start to fuck Anthony on his back. Anthony sucked on Jacob's balls as he was getting fucked, and it was hot to watch the cousins fuck. I was busy getting some close ups of the fucking and I hear this lip smacking noise. It was Anthony and Jacob kissing, and they were using some tongue too. I always like it when the guys do the kissing on their own, because that means they're really comfortable with doing the shoots on their own. All three guys were ready to get off, so I had them lie on the bed next to one another and jerk off. It was going to be a tossup as to which one was going to get off first. In watching them, they where stoking really fast, and it was Mike to let out the first warning that he was about to blow his load. Sure enough he shot his load clear up the middle of his chest all the way up to his nipples. Mike came a huge load that covered his stomach in cum. Soon after that it was Jacob that let out that he was going to cum. He shot his load on his stomach as well, and it too was a good size. I was happy that we were getting such good cum shots. Last to go was Anthony, and we had to change out the porn in order for him to get off. That seemed to do the trick though, when he came the load covered his hands in cum, and it was very white in color. All the guys did a good job, and were ready to collect their money.

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