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Just Close Your Eyes

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Justin Salvador, Lucas Porter

Justin is anxious to do anything with a guy. As in, really anxious. But Lucas tells him to close his eyes and just let him drive. Justin hesitates at first, but agrees. Lucas then kisses Justin’s body, takes off his shorts, and begins sucking his dick. Justin starts to moan, getting seemingly more relaxed, and his cock grows in Lucas’ mouth. Lucas kisses Justin while stroking his dick, then asks Justin if he wants to try sucking his. Justin keeps his eyes closed and gives great head to Lucas, who definitely enjoys it. The guys move into a 69 position not long after, and it is clear that Justin is not so anxious to try new things.

“You ready to get fucked?” Lucas asks Justin, who pauses and squirms. As he works to convince himself, he tells Lucas “Just do it. Fuck…” so Lucas does. He puts one finger inside Justin to warm him up, then puts his uncut dick right in Justin’s ass from behind. Justin grunts as he gets used to Lucas’ dick and takes it slow. Lucas pounds him steadily before getting him on his back and slowing fucking him more. Justin realizes that he loves it, so much that he cums while getting fucked. That triggers Lucas to shoot his load on Justin.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Justin Salvador and Lucas Porter.

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