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Sterling Fucks Izzy After Sticking A Dildo In His Mouth

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Sterling J, Izzy Danger

“Have you ever used a toy on your girlfriend?” Izzy asks Sterling casually on the bed. After some small talk, he persuades Sterling to use it on him. He then shows his appreciation by putting Sterling’s dick in his mouth and getting to work. Sterling lies back on the bed, enjoying Izzy’s mouth as his cock hits the back of it. Izzy holds his mouth all the way on Sterling’s cock, loving the way it feels.

Next, he shows Sterling how to use the toy on him. “Just push it in?” Sterling asks before Izzy guides his hand to the dildo. Once Sterling gets the hang of it, he jams the dildo in and out of Izzy’s hole, pleasing him and making him moan. After some anal pleasure, Izzy tells Sterling to shove the toy deep in his mouth. Sterling learns quite a lot on how to work the toy on him, and he’s very entertained by it.

“Now I want that dick” Izzy says, leading Sterling to begin fucking him with his long, hard tool. He pounds Izzy hard while keeping the toy in his mouth at the same time. Izzy’s eyes roll back in immense pleasure while Sterling continues fucking him on his back. He begins to jerk his cock as Sterling thrusts faster inside him, ordering Sterling to fuck him harder. Sterling pounds him and long and hard as he can, until he gets close and straddles over Izzy’s mouth. He drops a warm load on Izzy’s tongue and chin, which gets Izzy to cum hard on himself. “I think you broke my legs” Izzy says as they relax on the bed.

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