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Your Hole Is Tight Bro I Don't Think It Will Go In!Add Movie to your Favorites
Elliot Dahl , Sterling J

With Sterling’s shirt already off and leaned into Elliot for a kiss, the guys are horned up and ready for action. Sterling lowers Elliot’s shorts and tries his hand at sucking dick. “I’ve never done it before” Sterling tells Elliot while his mouth is filled with cock. Elliot assures him that he does well for a straight guy, then shows off his some tricks of his own when he sucks Sterling off. Sterling grabs the ends of the couch and braces himself while Elliot puts his cock deeper in his mouth. He’s never gotten serviced like this before, and he loves it.

Sterling is ready to fuck Elliot hard, but goes to rim him first. He thinks of it like going down on a girl, yet his tongue moves perfectly on Elliot’s hole. Elliot begs Sterling to fuck him, so Sterling puts his dick slowly inside and starts pounding Elliot from behind. He loves how Elliot’s ass feels, and gets rough by pulling his hair and ramming faster into him. Elliot flips onto his back and continues taking it hard from Sterling. His tight hole brings Sterling over the edge, and he watches Sterling shoot his load onto his chest. The sight gets Elliot to cum on himself, leaving him covered and satisfied.

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