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Casey Face Fucks Axel And Gets That Prick Good And Hard

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Axel Green , Casey Owens

By the time we get the cameras rolling Casey Owens is already pulling Axel Green’s pants off and shoving that cock in his mouth.  Moaning for more as he plays with his own nipples, Axel pushes his dick deeper down Casey’s throat before Casey climbs onto the bed with him.  Straddling his chest, Casey face fucks Axel and gets that prick good and hard, turning face down on the bed to get his ass licked next.  Ass spread apart, Casey groans as Axel’s wet tongue rims his entrance and then that cock is inside of him. 

Taking his time with Casey, Axel slowly pushes into him balls deep, raw dick splitting Casey’s ass apart before he starts to pound him hard.  Lying on top of him Axel fucks Casey then pulls him around to ride that dick next, Casey’s own hand jerking himself off as he fucks himself with Axel’s cock.  Wanting it faster, deeper, Axel tosses Casey onto the bed and spreads his legs open as he buries that dick in him.  Short, fast strokes of Axel’s prick in his ass and his own hand wrapped around his shaft makes Casey nut hard as Axel pulls out to cum all over him!

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Axel Green and Casey Owens.

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