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Axel Green Pounding Away On Ethans Tight Ass Raw

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Ethan Erickson , Axel Green

Axel Green and Ethan Erickson lock lips, kissing deeply before our sexy little redhead Ethan goes down on Axel.  Ethan takes that cock and balls in his mouth and sucks them, deepthroating Axel and getting him hard before kneeling on the bed and letting Axel taste him next.  Axel works that pretty pink cock with his mouth until Ethan is rock hard and now Axel is aching for that tight ass. 

Bending Ethan’s legs up, Axel buries his raw shaft in Ethan’s hole, pushing deep inside as he fucks him and Ethan moans for more.  Turning over onto all fours, Ethan sticks his ass in the air and lets Axel fuck him bareback as Axel gets balls deep in that tight little hole.  Pushing him against the bed, Axel pounds Ethan into the mattress before flipping him over onto his back so he can take him hard and deep.  Ethan strokes his dick as he gets fucked until Axel pounds the cum out of him and then pulls out to shoot his own huge load all over Ethan’s toned stomach!

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