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Kace Axel Fucks And Licking His Bud Ethan Erickson

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Ethan Erickson , Kace Axel

Kace Alex and Ethan Erickson make out as Kace kisses his way down Ethan’s toned abs until he reaches that big dick.  Ethan’s prick grows in Kace’s mouth as he deepthroats it and gets him rock hard before standing up to get some oral next.  Ethan gets on his knees and works Kace’s cock with his mouth but Kace wants another taste of Ethan’s prick. 

Laying Ethan on the bed, Kace sucks his sweet prick while he eases two fingers into that tight hole, fingering him before pulling out and replacing his digits with his hard cock!  Ethan takes it all, moaning for more as Kace pumps his raw dick into him, turning him onto his stomach so he can fuck that ass from behind.  Balancing himself above Ethan, Kace drives his dick in slow and steady, stretching Ethan’s hole and getting deep inside of him before turning Ethan onto his back.  Kace explores Ethan’s sore hole with his fingers again before fucking him again until they both nut hard, leaving Ethan covered in hot cum!

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Kace Axel and Casey Owens.

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