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Keep It In The Family - Cousins Do Gay Porn Together

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Mikey, Zach

I brought Zack back for another shoot, and this time I paired him up with his gay cousin Mike. Both of them are gay, broke, and wanting a chance to be put with straight boys for Christmas. The goal for the shoot was to have them suck, fuck, and kiss throughout the shoot on their own. I hoped that passion would kick in to give the members a really good show from the gay boys. Mike and Zack were both going to make $800 for doing the shoot to help put some money in their pockets. I told them to get started for me. Turning to look at each other, they slowly moved their lips closer to one another and started to kiss. As they were kissing their hands started to run over the other person's body. Mike started to lift Zack's shirt up running his hand underneath it. Leading to them taking off their shirts, Zack tried to put his hat back on to hide his wild hair. I told him to leave it off, because I wanted to see his face the whole time. Mike worked his way down to the floor in front of Zack to pull off his pants and discover that Zack was wearing a jock strap. Kissing and smothering his face in it, Mike was getting excited. Mike took Zack's dick out the side and started to suck on the limp cock. The dick grew to become a massive rock hard cock. Giving head seemed to be something that Mike was very good at. Zack enjoyed watching it from above, and seeing how fast Mike was able to give him head. After a while they switched and Zack took his position on the floor on his knees, pulling off Mike's pants. Pulling the dick through the fly of the boxers, Zack started to suck on it. Mike would push down on Zack's head causing him to gag from the dick penetration his throat. Working his way down south, he licked and lightly nibbled on Zack's balls. While his tongue was licking, I told him that he could rim him if he wanted. Immediately he lifted Mike���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s legs and liked his hole, causing Mike to moan. Zack went back to sucking dick and even tried deep-throating repeatedly until he was gagged. He asked Mike how he was doing and if he was ready to do more. I heard that and was shocked that Zack wanted to get fucked by such a monstrous cock. The two boys got the room ready and everything they needed to fuck. Zack laid down on his stomach and Mike moved in behind him. Mike made sure that he used lots of lube on his dick, and he put some on Zack's hole. Starting to put his dick in the very tight asshole, it was going to take a bit for Zack to relax. As Mike started to move, Zack reached back with his hand pushing on Mike's stomach or leg to get him to slow down. Mike tried to just keep going after a while Zack just stopped fighting it. Watching the two of them fucking with passion was hot to watch. After a while they switched and Zack flipped over on his back. Mike got back to the speed that he liked to be at. While they were fucking, Zack's dick was flopping around. Zack pulled Mike toward him, so that they could kiss. They did passionately for a minute or so, and went back to the fucking. The breathing and moaning that they were doing was very hot to just listen to. Both of them stopped what they were doing at one point and just jerked off. Zack was the first one to cum, squirting his load all over his stomach. I told Zack that I wanted him to take Mike's load to his face. The two of them got into position, and Mike was concentrating on stroking his dick. When he started to cum Zack opened his mouth and started to take in some of the cum. Tasting it in his mouth he began to suck on Mike's dick a bit. I tossed them a Santa hat and Zack put it on. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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