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Track & Soccer Sports Guy Takes One For The TeamAdd Movie to your Favorites
Derek Cline, Kace Axel

Kace Axel and Derek Kline have a sexy chemistry between them and it only gets sexier as they kiss and suck cock.  Derek makes his way down to Kace’s cock, pulling it free and deepthroating him before going in for some more kisses. When Kace is up for some oral he sucks Derek’s cock like it’s the best thing he’s put in his mouth, licking and tonguing that dick before he turns Derek around to rim that tight little hole next.  Derek can’t help but moan as Kace licks and fingers him while stroking his cock, making those big balls bounce. 

After Derek’s ass is dripping with Kace’s spit he lines his cock up and pushes inside of him, filling Derek to the brim with that big shaft.  Spreading his as farther apart with his hands, Derek takes every inch and lets his tight hole adjust to Kace’s prick.  They change positions and Derek rides Kace hard, reverse cowboy before turning to face Kace as he slams his ass up and down on that bareback meat.  They move over to the other couch as Kace dominates Derek, holding his legs apart so he can get balls deep inside of him and pounding him until Derek cums hard.  Kace enjoys that ass for a little longer before pulling out to shoot his load!

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