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Benjamin Dover Pounds One Out On Bruno Cartella

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Benjamin Dover, Bruno Cartella

Benjamin Dover and Bruno Cartella have quite a bit in common, both have girlfriends and both don’t mind bottoming, so let’s see who the lucky one is today that gets to take some dick! After making out, Benjamin sucks on Bruno’s cock, pulling his shorts back to reveal that sweet cock as he catches it between his lips and sucks it, tasting Bruno on his tongue as he licks his cock and balls.  When Bruno gives Benjamin oral next, Benjamin watches him work that dick with his mouth, growing harder by the second until he’s ready to fuck, Bruno crawling onto his lap and lowering himself cautiously onto that huge prick.

It takes Bruno some time to stretch himself around Benjamin’s thick member, his ass adjusting to the size as he moans and takes it all.  Benjamin gets that ass from all angles, letting Bruno ride his cock for a while before flipping him onto his back and taking him harder and faster, making Bruno shout in pleasure as he gets stuffed with Benjamin’s long prick.  Bruno works his member as Benjamin fucks him raw, pulling on his dick until he cums and then letting Benjamin finish all over his chest and belly as he shoots a huge load!

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